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Best Male Enhancement Pills of 2018

Are Male Enhancement Supplements Effective?

The male enhancement products from reliable manufacturers contain the ingredients the ability of which to normalize the men’s sexual life is clinically confirmed.

In such pills, each active substance in particular and the product as a whole should be carefully tested. At the same time, a natural pill formula shouldn’t contain any chemicals.

Also, it is worth making certain that there is enough customer feedback concerning the particular product and that this product is in the list of the doctor recommended male enhancers. Only in such a way, it’s possible to expect an excellent pill efficacy.
There are three top male enhancement pills which proved to be the best-working natural remedies able to positively change the manhood measurements. They are as follows:

VigRX Plus

VigRX Plus is at the lead of the most potent natural male enhancement pills ranking. It doesn’t demand a prescription. The pill can be utilized for strengthening sexual function in men, as well as for the manhood enlargement in the erect state.

This product perfectly copes with the task of boosting nitric oxide secretion in the men’s body. Since this male enhancer elevates the levels of this chemical compound, it improves blood delivery to the penis. When the penis becomes erect, its length and thickness also increase.

Firmer and fuller erections than the man typically gets ensure a much higher level of mutual pleasure during sex.

Also, the product is filled with the natural active substances which stimulate sex drive and enhance sexual stamina and endurance.

The product has been existing on the market for more than a decade. For the years of its presence on sale, the pill formula underwent numerous improvements to fully comply with the latest industry standards and achieve a better efficacy.

The product consists of the top-quality components such as Tribulus Terrestris, Muira Pauma bark extract, Damiana, Horny Goat Weed, Red Ginseng, and Bioperine. All these ingredients are well-investigated.

If you strive for naturally firm erections, non-invasive erect penis enlargement, high libido, impressive sexual stamina, and absence of negative health consequences, then this pill is what will surely help you reach your goals.

Male Extra

Male Extra belongs to the most famous newest natural male enhancement products available on sale. It’s a cutting-edge pill which is effective for every man who is not satisfied with the erect penis size and who has some problems in sex life. You don’t need a doctor to prescribe this pill since it’s accessible over the counter.

The product works by stimulating nitric oxide synthesis. High concentration of this chemical compound makes the blood vessels widen and hence promotes more intense blood supply to the genital area. Since the manhood gets more oxygen and nutrients, the penis enlarges. In fact, it becomes longer and thicker during an erection. The erections also harden and last longer than usually.

The intake of this pill contributes to the enhancement of the men’s overall sexual function. It helps deal with the lack of sex drive, makes orgasms brighter, boosts sexual virility, increases sexual endurance, fights fatigue, and ensures a higher level of pleasure during sex.

The pill is comprised of a wide range of powerful ingredients backed with the plausible study results. These ingredients include l-arginine, l-methionine, pomegranate 40% ellagic acid, MSM, zinc, Cordyceps, and vitamin B3. The product formula is unbeaten because it contains a very large amount of pomegranate ellagic acid which is highly beneficial for the circulatory system. Due to this, the penis enlargement and the improvement of erectile function become possible.

The pill intake is trouble-free since it’s not accompanied with side effects.


ProSolution is an effective innovative natural pill that enhances male potency and contributes to the penis growth in the erect state. Dissatisfaction with own sex life and penis measurements are the serious reasons to use this pill. Everyone can freely purchase the product without any prescription.

The pill is being sold for more than 10 years. And it was quite a long time to indicate the product reliability and high potency. This time was used by the manufacturer to completely renovate the product and make it much better than it was initially.
This remedy first of all raises nitric oxide levels in the man’s body. Because of this, hard erections and increased penis size become a reality. This happens due to the intensification of penile blood circulation.

The mechanism of male enhancement pills action implies not only the activation of nitric oxide production, but also the stimulation of brain areas which make men feel pleasure during sex. It also combats the lack of sexual vigor and endurance and increases libido.
The pill formula includes non-synthetic doctor-endorsed active substances which are supported with the findings of many clinical trials. The list of the ingredients is as follows: Bladderwrack, Solidilin, Arjuna, Korean Ginseng, Zinc Oxide, Butea Superba, Reishi Mushroom, Momordica, Curculigo, Apigenin, Amla, and Drilizen. There are both widely known herbal extracts and trademarked components in the formula. Due to this, it demonstrates a great efficacy.

Ingredients Used in the Best Male Enhancers

The best-working male enhancement products usually include the following ingredients:

L-arginine HCL. It’s a crucial amino acid for the man’s body. It directly participates in the emergence of enzyme without which nitric oxide molecule doesn’t form. And possibility to attain solid erections is dependent on this molecule concentration in the man’s body. Also, this amino acid arouses sexual desire, makes orgasms brighter, enhances stamina, and copes with male infertility.

Pomegranate 40% ellagic acid. This one-of-a-kind active substance is got from pomegranates. It’s highly beneficial for the men, suffering from mild to moderate erectile dysfunction. It improves erection firmness, increases libido, prevents prostate cancer development, strengthens circulatory system, decreases the likelihood of heart diseases, and normalizes immune system.

Methyl sulfonyl methane. It’s a form of organic sulfur which plays an important role in the human body. The adequate functioning of urogenital system is impossible without this chemical compound. It helps the body synthesize collagen and regenerate cells. So, it makes the tissues throughout the body including those in the penis healthy. The ingredient also restores stamina and boosts blood flow.

L-methionine. This amino acid acts effectively for the prevention and elimination of early ejaculation problem. This effect is possible due to the drop in histamine levels under the influence of l-methionine. The ingredient also helps transport sulfur which is important for male reproductive system and sexual activity.

Zinc. Without this micronutrient, the man can’t be healthy. It prevents and fights testosterone deficiency. Therefore, it also helps combat sexual disabilities relates to the lack of this hormone. Zinc is irreplaceable for normal sperm production. It can successfully cope with male infertility.

Cordyceps. This unique fungus is first of all a powerful aphrodisiac. Due to these properties, it’s possible to overcome the issue of low libido. It also hardens erections, boosts sperm motility, enhances sexual vigor, lifts energy levels, and intensifies natural testosterone synthesis.

Vitamin B3. This vitamin can rebuild male potency due to the stimulation of penile blood circulation, as well as the enhancement and prolongation of erections. It is also responsible for the overall improvement of cardiovascular system. This is very favourable for the male sexual function. Even the men with moderate to severe erectile dysfunction can benefit from vitamin B3 supplementation.

Bioperine. This ingredient is extracted from black pepper fruit. It’s a valuable addition to any supplement formula because this active substance enhances the efficacy of any other ingredient present in the formula. Due to this, the powerfulness of any supplement increases and the man can expect much better results from supplementation.

Red ginseng. The therapeutic effects of this pant are well-known for many centuries. From ancient times, it was used to cure the impairment of sexual function in men. Under the influence of this active substance, more blood flows to the penis and the erections become much stronger. This helps relieve the symptoms of erectile dysfunction.

Horny goat weed. In the extract derived from this plant, there is a highly potent ingredient called icariin. This ingredient deals with the lack of sex drive, revives endurance and sexual vigor, and makes male sexual activity more frequent. As a result, the overall sexual performance increases.

Damiana. This ingredient belongs to the most effective natural aphrodisiacs which are used by people for a very long time. It also works by increasing stamina. The better stamina is the longer the man will last in the bed.

Muira Pauma bark extract. This natural active substance can normalize erectile function, making erections sufficient and long enough for sexual intercourse completion. The supplementation helps regain sex drive. In addition, sexual intercourse frequency will also increase.

Tribulus Terrestris. This herbal active substance is one of the most powerful natural ingredients which can boost testosterone secretion without the use of any additional chemicals. Due to the action of this ingredient, the body produces more own testosterone. This contributes to the increase in strength and power, as well as to the muscle gains.

Butea Superba. The ingredient has aphrodisiac effects. It improves libido, has a positive impact on sexual vigor and stamina, enhances sexual satisfaction, and strengthens overall sexual health in men.

Bladderwrack. This ingredient has an influence on the functioning of thyroid gland, which, in its turn, regulates all the processes and functions in the human body. And sexual function is not an exception. The ingredient also suppresses cholesterol synthesis and eases arteriosclerosis symptoms.

Advantages of Natural Male Enhancers over Prescription Drugs

Actually, both natural supplements and prescription drugs are considered male enhancement products. But still the first ones have much more advantages than the latter ones.

male enhancement supplements

The prescription medications give instant results; that is, a strong erection which duration enable the man to start and finish sexual intercourse. And this is in fact all that such medications do.

Natural male enhancement supplements have a mild mechanism of action which helps the men restore their ability to have firm erections in a healthy way. They don’t interfere with the body functioning, letting the body regulate sexual function in men by itself. In such a way, the natural pills can cure erectile function in the long run.

Also, the natural supplements offer some additional benefits, such as increased sex drive, better orgasms, higher endurance and stamina, improved sperm characteristics, and energy upsurge.

Nitric Oxide Boosting Properties of Male Enhancement Pills

The male enhancement pills are very potent mainly due to their ability to enhance the production of nitric oxide in the man’s body.

Nitric oxide is an extremely crucial molecule that has a direct influence on the men’s circulatory system and sexual function. This chemical compound is known for its strong effects, which promote the dilation of blood vessels. And the penile vessels are not an exception.

During sexual arousal, the concentrations of this molecule grow. The higher they are the firmer and stronger erection occurs. So, the erection strength depends on the nitric oxide levels.

The men who maintain a healthy lifestyle normally don’t have the problems with the levels of this chemical compound and hence with the erection firmness.
But the men, who lack nitric oxide, can substatially improve the situation by taking male enhancement supplements.

These supplements work by stimulating the production of this molecule. This means that the due to the intense widening of blood vessels, the penis gets much more blood. And the man experiences a hard erection. Also, in such a way, it’s possible to prevent many heart diseases.

Male Enhancement Pills for Testosterone Levels Increase

The increase in testosterone levels is one of the major effects of the natural male enhancement supplements. And this effect is what makes these supplements really powerful.

It’s a well-known fact that testosterone takes part in many processes which determine the men’s sexual health. Male virility and sexual performance can’t be satisfactory if the levels of this hormone are low.

The supplements which enhance male potency trigger the mechanism of natural testosterone synthesis in the man’s body. These products don’t supply synthetic hormone. Instead, they help the body mobilize all resources to secret own testosterone.

Due to this, the men can have the following benefits:

  • High sex drive
  • Increased strength, stamina, and endurance
  • Improved sperm characteristics
  • Boosted energy levels
  • No mood swings
  • Better bedroom performance
  • Rebuilt self-confidence

So, the higher testosterone levels grow under the influence of male enhancers the better sexual health the men will have.

Who Can Take Male Enhancement Pills

The male enhancement products are intended for the men who suffer from the impairment of erectile function and/or have low sex drive. These products are mainly helpful to the men whose sexual disabilities are caused by some psychological issues.

Also, such pills can cure erectile dysfunction which is organic in origin. But this is mainly applicable to mild and moderate ED, not a severe one.
The male enhancers can’t solve sexual problems in men who had penile injuries or have reproductive system diseases.

It’s necessary to remember that the male enhancement pills are contraindicated to the men who have cardiovascular diseases and use nitrate drugs. Otherwise, blood pressure can dangerously plummet.

Also, the patients who have a severe liver disease or undergo dialysis because of the end-stage kidney disease should never use these pills.

The men who take the medications for curing prostate enlargement should be very careful if they want to simultaneously use the pills for the enhancement of sexual potency.

Both prescription pills and natural supplements for restoring male sexual health have to be taken only under the guidance of healthcare professionals, especially if the man has any medical condition.

How to Choose a Suitable Pill

Now the market offers a huge number of products which are claimed to improve erectile function and revive sex drive in men. And the range of such products is only growing day by day. But it doesn’t mean that all of them are effective and safe.

It’s obvious that there are many unfair manufacturers which manufacture the male enhancement products of very poor quality. These products don’t comply with high quality standards. And their safety shrinks to zero. That’s because such pills are comprised of non-researched unknown ingredients, which are not only useless, but are also often dangerous. The negative consequences to the men’s health can be unpredictable.

The men can protect themselves against the harmful effects of counterfeit male enhancement products. To do this, it’s worth avoiding illegal pills which promise instant incredible efficacy. Also, the man shouldn’t ignore the necessity to visit a healthcare practitioner who will recommend the safest and the most suitable pill to the patient.

When choosing the best supplement, it’s advisable to get acquainted with the customer reviews and the research results proving that the man will deal with really a well-working non-harmful product.

In addition, it’s strongly recommended to choose the reliable manufacturer which has a good reputation and enjoys the customers’ confidence. Such manufacturers protect the interests of their customers and guarantee safety of their products.

How Long Male Enhancement Supplementation Should Last

Only the medical expert can determine how long and how often each particular patient can take such prescription pills. And in this case, the intake duration depends on many individual factors.

As for the male enhancement supplements, they require quite a long time of use due to the availability of natural active substances in their formulas. These ingredients act mildly.

That’s why more time is needed to feel their efficacy. Typically, the supplementation should last for at least a month to see the first positive results. And several months will be enough to successfully reach the supplementation goals.
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