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The Best Erectile Dysfunction Pills of 2018

By Robert Williams

Best Erectile Dysfunction Pills
Erectile dysfunction is a question of vital importance for an enormously huge number of men around the globe.

It is considered that most men suffer from some of the symptoms of impaired erectile function at least once in their lifetime.

It’s possible to relieve or even eliminate these symptoms by using erectile dysfunction drugs.

Each medication offers its own benefits and should be chosen individually.


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#1: VigRX Plus

VigRX Plus is a popular over-the-counter remedy used for overcoming erectile dysfunction in a natural way.

The men who have troubles with getting an erection and who suffer from lack of sex drive can use this product to improve sexual health and boost bedroom performance.

This pill is on sale for more than 10 years. And the formula improvements never stop.

Safety and efficacy of each pill ingredient is proven with numerous clinical trials.

Doctor endorsements and customer reviews also give evidence concerning high reliability of this product.

The pill is available without any prescription.

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#2: ProSolution

ProSolution Pills are known as the well-working male enhancement remedy that can be purchased over the counter.

These pills not only eliminate physical problems which impair erectile function, but also cope with psychological issues which lower or bright to naught sex drive in men.

To stay current and fully satisfy the customers’ demands, the manufacturer never ceases the product formula renovations. And now the formula contains exclusive trademarked active substances.

Due to this, the product use helps men normalize erectile function and successfully deal with loss of sexual desire.

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#3: Male Extra

Viagra and similar medications act by only stimulating blood circulation in the penis. They have no psychotropic effects. This means that such medications can improve sexual potency but don’t increase libido.

In addition, men complain of headaches, flushing, and dyspnea.

Male Extra belongs to the best natural products for boosting libido and making erections harder than we have come across this year.

The mechanism of Male Extra’s action is similar to the mechanism of PDE5 inhibitors action. It has a stable long-term therapeutic effect but it doesn’t cause adverse effects.

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Best Prescription ED Drugs

Name Rates
Viagra 95%
Cialis 92%
Levitra 88%



Viagra (Sildenafil Citrate)

Prescription is needed
Viagra is justly considered the gold standard among the medications, rebuilding erectile function.

It was the first ED medication on the market. And it has immediately earned popularity.

The brand reputation and time-proven quality are the distinctive features of Viagra. Hence, thinking whether to use Levitra or Viagra, men often give preference to a more renowned medication.

The recommended dosage is 50 mg. The medication has to be taken 30-60 minutes before sexual intercourse.

The duration of drug action is 4-6 hours. The active ingredient in Viagra is Sildenafil.

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Cialis (Tadalafil)

Prescription is needed
While Vardenafil is notable for its ability to start working much faster than its analogues, the distinctive feature of Tadalafil is its long-term effect.

For this reason, the medication enjoys a wide popularity. The duration of its action is 36 hours. That’s why it’s much easier to plan sexual intercourse.

Since there is no time limit, the partners can relieve psycho-emotional tension. That helps restore harmony in relationships.

The recommended dosage of Cialis is 20 mg. The medication has to be taken 30-60 minutes before sexual intercourse.

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Levitra (Vardenafil)

Prescription is needed
Levitra is the fastest-acting medication among the now existing PDE5 inhibitors. After taking a pill, just 10-15 minutes are enough for a man to get fully ready for sexual intercourse. The maximum drug concentration in plasma is measured within 30 minutes after intake.

The duration of drug action ranges from 8 to 10 hours. But taking into consideration physiology of men, it’s advisable to have sexual intercourse no later than 5 hours after the medication intake.

The recommended dosage of Vardenafil is 10 mg. The dosage can be adjusted to 5 mg in men with mild impairment of sexual function. Men with severe impairment of sexual function should take the maximum dose equal to 20 mg.

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Alternative Treatments for ED: Creams, Oils, Pumps


VigRX Oil

Instantly boosts nitric oxide production for harder erections on demand
Key Ingredients: L-Arginine, Korean Red Ginseng Extract, Hawthorn Berry Extract, Muira Puama Extract, Cuscuta Seed Extract



ProSolution Gel

Increases blood flow to the penis for enhanced erection hardness and improved sexual performance
Key Ingredients: L-Arginine, Algae Extract, Bearberry Extract, Triethanolamine



HydroMax X-series Penis Pump

Immediate results in a form of a very firm erection that lasts enough for sexual intercourse

There is evidence that the pump can help the men get an erection even if they usually can’t have it because of nerve and/or vascular damage in the penis.



What causes erectile dysfunction in males?

There is a wide range of causes which are considered by the healthcare professional when setting a diagnosis of erectile dysfunction. They are as follows:

  • Psychological causes (depression, chronic stress, anxiety, fears)
  • Organic causes (cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, diabetes, high cholesterol, obesity, hormonal disorders, Parkinson’s disease)
  • Intake of different prescription medications and recreational drugs
  • Smoking
  • Excessive alcohol consumption
  • Surgical complications
  • Peyronie’s disease
  • Penile injuries
  • Radiation therapy applied to the pelvic area

What is a natural alternative to Viagra?

If you don’t aspire to take any synthetic ED remedies, even the most branded ones, then you should give a try to a natural Viagra substitute called Male Extra.

It’s an innovative over-the-counter product which is targeted at natural treatment of impaired erectile function. It’s a highly potent product that has one of the most advanced formulas among the other similar pills.

The formula is comprised of natural active substances which are sure to boost sexual desire and bring the erection quality to a higher level due to the enhanced penile blood supply and the increased nitric oxide secretion. Click here to read the product review.


What vitamins are good for erectile dysfunction?

Vitamin deficiency is harmful not only to the overall health, but also to the sexual health. So if you aspire to combat erectile dysfunction, be sure that you consume enough:

  • Vitamin E. This vitamin helps fight the symptoms of age-related ED and lowers the risk of cardiovascular diseases.
  • Vitamin D. The lack of vitamin D causes ED symptoms, and vice versa.
  • Vitamin B3. It strengthens circulatory system. Hence, this vitamin intensifies penile blood flow and improves erectile function.
  • Vitamin C. If stress and mood-related problems worsen your erectile function, this vitamin is what you need.

What is the cheapest drug for erectile dysfunction?

Pharmaceutical treatment of erectile dysfunction is very expensive when it comes to the intake of the famous branded medications. They are the heavily advertised patented remedies. That’s why the price for them is very high.
If you are looking for the cheapest drugs which will help you overcome the impairment of erectile function, you should consider the use of generic drugs. Generics are not inferior to the expensive original medications. That is, they give the men an opportunity to attain and sustain a desired erection when needed. But they are a great money-saving solution for each man.

Which erectile dysfunction drug is best?

The choice of the erectile dysfunction remedies depends on your preferences and goals.
If you want to find the best synthetic drug able to give you necessary results very quickly, Viagra is the most optimal choice for you. This most famous and most branded medication ever causes a strong erection almost immediately, making a satisfying sex possible when a man needs it.
If you are searching for the best natural ED remedy, Male Extra is the greatest option for you. It’s a top-notch pill that gradually heals erectile dysfunction and increases libido instead of giving instant short-term effects.

Can impotence be cured?

The answer to the question of whether impotence can be cured depends on what caused this medical condition. Only a medical expert can determine why a particular man experiences erectile dysfunction symptoms and which treatment method can improve the situation.
It’s possible to fully overcome ED if it was caused by:
Underlying condition. Timely disease management is required
Psychological issues. Stress and anxiety relief will help here
Bad habits. Positive lifestyle changes are needed in this case
Medication intake. When you refuse from taking some drugs, ED signs will disappear

Can exercise help ED?

Depending on what caused ED and on medical condition severity, special exercises really can help repair the impaired erectile function to some extent. There are the following helpful exercises:
Kegel exercise. This exercise is important for regaining bulbocavernosus muscle tone and hence strengthening erections
Yoga positions. There are specific yoga positions which can enhance blood circulation in the pelvic area. And the erection quality also improves
Aerobic exercises. These exercises are highly beneficial for cardiovascular health and therefore for male sexual function

What is the safest drug for erectile dysfunction?

If safety is your priority when addressing the challenge of erectile dysfunction, Male Extra is the rightest option for you.

On the contrary to synthetic drugs, this pill consists of completely natural ingredients. All these ingredients are thoroughly tested. That’s why their high efficacy and safety of this pill formula is scientifically supported.


If you are not sexually aroused but at the same time have the erection, the duration of which exceeds 4 hours, you should immediately seek medical help. This medical condition is known under the name of priapism.

This happens because too much blood stays in the penis. And the blood is not able to leave the penis.

If you don’t tackle the priapism issue timely, this may cause permanent impairment of erectile function.

You should also instantly visit a healthcare provider if you have:

  • penile pain
  • genital rash
  • stethalgia
  • loss of consciousness
  • burning and/or itching sensation during urination

If after the intake of Viagra within the past 24 hours and Cialis within the past 48 hours you suffer from stethalgia, nitroglycerin is contraindicative to you. In this case, you need emergency medical care.

And you should inform the doctor which ED drug you used.

Impairment of Vision

You have to immediately cease using these drugs and consult the healthcare professional if you experience visual disturbance.

After the intake of these medications, nonarteritic anterior ischemic optic neuropathy (NAION) may develop in a very small number of men.

This disorder develops when the optic nerve is exposed to acute ischemic damage. As a result, the men suddenly lose vision. The risk to suffer from this medical condition dramatically increases if you:

  • are over 50 years old;
  • are a smoker;
  • have hypertension, diabetes, high cholesterol levels, and cardiovascular diseases;
  • already have some vision problems;

What Are the Storage Rules for These Drugs?

It’s necessary to store the drugs in the original packaging. Make them inaccessible for kids. Don’t store the drugs in the kitchen and in the bathroom since high temperature and humidity negatively affect the drugs. Never use them after the expiration date.

How to Pay Less

The prices for ED pills are very different. Drugstore prices, health insurance plan category, and health insurance co-pays have a direct influence on the price. Across the country, you will have to pay from $15 to $20 per one pill. Usually, the health insurance plans don’t cover medications, fighting ED. But even if you find the one that does it, you will most probably get only 4 doses every month. There are still some steps you can take to pay less:

Conduct comparative price analysis using the Internet to quickly find out which pharmacies have the most affordable prices.

Use pill splitting opportunity after you get the healthcare practitioner’s advice to reduce medication costs.

Use special manufacturer offers. Monitor all discounts and beneficial deals which the manufacturer of a particular drug offers to save your money.

What Leads to Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is a medical condition common for men. The men struggling with this medical condition can’t attain and sustain an erection that will enable these men to have and finish sexual intercourse.

The men who have normal sexual potency live the full life. If not, sex life worsens.

Aging process negatively affects the man’s ability to have trouble-free sex. Impairment of erectile function causes problems in the relationships between the partners.

There is a range of widespread disorders which contribute to the development of impotence in men. These disorders include hypotension, diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases.

The impaired erectile function can also be a result of the pharmaceutical treatment. In addition, impotence can be psychological. Depression, stress, anxiety, frustration, and mental disorders lead to it.

Lifestyle Renewal for Fixing Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is often a consequence of the following diseases: hypertension, cardiovascular diseases, and diabetes. Men can protect themselves against the impairment of erectile function if they take control of the mentioned medical conditions.

The proper treatment of these diseases is required. When fighting ED, it’s also crucial to adhere to the lifestyle renewal plan which should imply refusing from bad habits, eating healthy foods, coping with excessive weight, and having enough physical activity.

Exercises for Curing Erectile Function Issues

Kegel Exercise

According to the study conducted by the British scientists, pelvic exercises enable 40% of men, suffering from erectile dysfunction, to fully restore their ability to attain and sustain strong erections. At the same time, the other 35% of such men can experience very noticeable improvement of erectile function by doing such exercises.

Pelvic muscle training actually means practicing a so-called Kegel exercise. There is a widespread opinion that such exercises are suitable only for women, who aspire to combat the weakness of pelvic floor muscle after childbirth. But now it’s obvious that the Kegel exercise also helps men overcome erectile function issues.

Bulbocavernosus muscle is the most significant muscle for men among all the pelvic floor muscles. This muscle plays an active role in filling the penis with blood, in maintaining erection hard long enough, and in ensuring ejaculation process.

The easiest way to feel the pelvic floor muscles is to stop urine flow while urinating. You need these muscles when doing the Kegel exercise.

The Kegel exercise means squeezing and holding the pelvic floor muscles for approximately 5 seconds. After this, it’s necessary to relax these muscles. The number of repetitions per day should vary from 10 to 20. It’s possible to do this exercise in any convenient position; that is, standing, sitting, and lying down. It may be difficult to perform the maximum number of repetitions at the beginning. But the situation will change when you get used to perform the Kegel exercise.

To do everything correctly, don’t stop breathing in a natural way. Never hold your breath. Also, you shouldn’t involve thigh, stomach, and buttock muscle into the process. Try both short and long squeezes for better efficacy.
Usually, 1.5-2 months of training are enough to start enjoying the enhanced erectile function.

Aerobic Exercises

The American Journal of Cardiology gave to the public the results of study, proving that aerobic exercises can cure erectile dysfunction in men who suffer from blood circulation problems.

There is no secret that poor penile blood supply is a frequent cause of the impaired erectile function. The best aerobic exercises which are sure to normalize penile blood supply include brisk walking, swimming, jogging, running, rowing and, cross country skiing. If you devote to any type of aerobic exercises at least half an hour per day on a regular basis, you will definitely feel the improvement of your sexual potency.

If you have some cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, high cholesterol levels, excessive weight or diabetes, you should firstly visit the healthcare professional who will recommend you the most effective and safe aerobic exercise.

Resistance Training Exercises

The authoritative urologists claim that resistance training exercises can help make endothelium healthier. If endothelium cells, which form the inner layer of blood vessels, function proper, blood vessels also carry out their tasks successfully. And it’s a common knowledge that the well-functioning blood vessels ensure normal erectile function in men.
That’s why it will be wise to add resistance training exercises to your workout plan if you want to combat ED and boost your sex life. Anyway, you should firstly consult a doctor.
Non-Oral Medication Approaches to Healing ED

Penile Self-injection Therapy

This therapy implies the need to inject the ED-targeted medication into the penis itself. It’s a scientifically proven fact that 80% of men regain their ability to have hard erections after such injections. This treatment method gives the doctors an opportunity to develop an individual dosage regimen depending on a particular patient’s needs. Self-injections are safe and suitable for the patients with a wide spectrum of different discords.

It’s possible to distinguish the following most trustworthy medications used for injecting: Prostaglandin E1, Phentolamine, Alprostadil, and Papaverine. These medications widen penile blood vessels and normalize blood circulation in genitals. Since the extremely fine needles are applied, the injections are almost painless.

In case with self-injections, it’s possible to predict when erection starts. Thus, it will happen in 5-15 minutes after you inject the medication. The duration of erection may vary from 20 to 60 minutes. Penile injections will not deprive you of the opportunity to reach orgasm.

If you wish to undergo self-injection therapy, you have to strictly adhere to all the doctor’s instructions.

The range of possible adverse effects may include minor bleeding, bruising, priapism (long-lasting painful erection), penile redness, penile itching, and scar tissue formation.

Alprostadil Urethral Suppository

This kind of therapy implies the necessity to put a very small Alprostadil suppository into the urethra with the help of a plastic applicator. Once this suppository is delivered, it will dissolve in the urethra. And then it will start acting by improving penile blood supply.

You will feel the erection in 10 minutes after the suppository insertion. The erection duration varies from 30 to 60 minutes which is enough for a satisfying sex.

There are the following possible adverse effects: minor bleeding, dizziness, pain, swelling, and racing heart.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Since testosterone is a crucial hormone for each man, its lack can substantially worsen situation in case of erectile dysfunction. Only the doctor can determine whether you really suffer from testosterone deficiency. For this purpose, it’s necessary to perform a special blood test. And if you are really diagnosed with testosterone deficiency, the healthcare professional will prescribe testosterone replacement therapy to you. This therapy will help restore your sexual health.

For undergoing such therapy, you may consider intramuscular injections, transdermal patches, skin and nasal gels, hormonal pellets, pills, and even buccal systems.

Each replacement therapy method has own benefits and adverse effects which the doctor will discuss with you.

Best Natural ED Pills

Name Money Back Rates
VigRX Plus 67 Days 99%
ProSolution 67 Days 97%
Male Extra 60 Days 95%


erection pillsAbout the Author:
Robert Williams, Director of Content at Men’s Solutions, has researched over 100 male enhancement pills and ED drugs. Previously, he managed 5 supplement brands, worked with doctors specializing in ED treatment and completed coursework in nutrition at Stanford University.

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