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Aphrodisiacs: Boost Your Sex Drive


We have all heard of tales regarding aphrodisiacs. Some of them are true, while others are the farthest thing about the truth. What is an aphrodisiac? An aphrodisiac is something that makes us horny. Something that gives us the desire to have sex. Do you remember as a kid hearing about Spanish fly?

Most of us dreamed about getting our hands on some to make the girl of our dreams horny. Do these things actually exist? The short answer is yes. The long answer is, not as deeply as you think. If you think you will be able to prepare a meal that will make a woman so horny she can’t resist you, then you are dreaming. That won’t happen.

What foods will add a little spunk in your love live? I’m glad that you asked. If you hadn’t, I would be talking to myself.

Oysters are probably the most classic aphrodisiac known. The feeling of these in your mouth is enough to turn you on. They have a very sexual feel as you are eating them. Oysters in the past have been thought to resemble the shape of a vagina. This helped in the myth of the aphrodisiac qualities. Also, they are loaded with zinc. Some men who are impotent lack zinc. Put two and two together and you have something that will make a man’s penis stand in attention.

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The shape of foods for example, have led to their aphrodisiac status. When was the last time you were at the store and you saw a woman handling a cucumber? I would be willing to be that right away you got super horny. I know what you were thinking! Eggs and caviar are also thought of as aphrodisiacs. This is because they are part of the reproductive system. Nothing is more arousing for a ancient man than to be eating non fertile eggs.

Alcohol is still thought of as an aphrodisiac. This might not exactly make you horny. It does lower your expectations. You will find yourself locking lips with a woman who you might not do so while you are sober. Just think, if it weren’t for alcohol, many of us wouldn’t be alive today. Not many things can claim that much power over humanity.

You will giggle at this one, but cherries are thought to be an aphrodisiac. I think this could be because the stigma placed around a woman loosing her cherry. In many cultures, when a woman looses her cherry she looses her virginity. The cherry is a symbol of being pure and arousing.

Coffee was also thought to be an aphrodisiac. This was because of how caffeine stimulates the body. Actually, the opposite is true. Too much caffeine and you won’t be able to get it up. I’m sure if you drink a lot of coffee, you know exactly what I mean. Some believe that chocolate is an aphrodisiac as well. There really is no proof of this. It is said that the majority of women would rather eat chocolate than have sex. Perhaps this is why after about three months with a woman she no longer puts out and her ass gets fat. There has to be some logic behind that.

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Chocolate can be a great tool in the bedroom. People over look how many ways they can have fun with this food. I love pouring chocolate syrup all over a woman and eating it off of her. You can put all kinds of fruit along with the chocolate syrup on her body. I like to think of it as an all you can eat buffet. Peaches are another food item that has sexual qualities. I think its because of how sexy the fuzz on the fruit feels. Most women I have known love how fuzzy the skin feels on their mouth. After you get past the fuzz, there is a sweet treat inside. It is much like oral sex.

For the most part aphrodisiacs regarding food, is just something that arouses us. It might be because of how it feels in our mouth, or the shape of it. For example, a banana. This doesn’t have any aphrodisiac quality, but if you see your girlfriend pretending to go down on one, it will turn you on. Food and sex go hand in hand. You should try to use food whenever you can. I love the different tastes that one can use in the bedroom. There is nothing more exciting than having both your taste buds and your privates being stimulated.

You should never put something in your woman that isn’t clean. This can cause a lot of problems for her. You can cause some serious infections down there if you aren’t careful. Never go against your lovers wishes and stick something in there that she says you shouldn’t.

Turnera aphrodisiaca – Damiana

Damiana is a shrub with fragrant flowers, blooming from early to late summer. Due to the oils contained in it the plant has a calming scent similar to Chamomile. It originates from Central America, Mexico, South America and the Caribbean. People from these areas have used Damiana as a natural aphrodisiac for ages. Due to the chemical substances in it, similar to caffeine, it improves sexual potency by increasing the blood flow to the genitals in both men and women. It also boosts energy levels and tones the central nerve system. Damiana is reputed to induce erotic dreams when drank at bedtime.

What men should know about Damiana:

Within men it results in harder and longer-lasting erection. In combination with Vitamin B6, Damiana is showing to be effective in correcting sexual dysfunction in human males suffering from diabetes.

What women should know about Damiana:

Within women it increases the sensitivity of the clitoris and increases the frequency and intensity of orgasms. As in men, Damiana tones the central nerve system and is known to relieve anxiety, depression, headaches, and exhaustion during menstruation.

Sexual enhancement products you can purchase online containing Damiana (Turnera aphrodisiaca):

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Avena sativa (Wild Oat)

Aphrodisiac products you can find on the market using Avena sativa as main component: Vipro, Enzyte

The Latin name for this natural aphrodisiac is Avena sativa. The most common names for this plant are Oat Straw, Oats, Rolled Oats, Wild Oats, Groats, Steel Cut Oats, Common Oats. Avoine in French, Hafer in German and Avena in Italian.

Although Wild oat is native to the Mediterranean region, Europe, North and Central Asia, it is cultivated in cool and damp climates with heavy rainfall all over the world. The plant is an annual grass growing either in tufts or in single stalks. The seeds of oat are rich in iron, calcium, manganese and zinc along with lysine and methionine. It is the unripe green oat that has been used as a natural aphrodisiac by man and women throughout the ages. Over 200 years ago a German official publication mentioned Avena sativa as a natural aphrodisiac. It is believed that it releases testosterone from its bound form in the body. Testosterone being a steroid hormone that stimulates development of male secondary sexual characteristics is said to be more effective as free form to stimulate libido.

The green oats are also believed to increase sexual desire in both man and women. In women in particular, Avena is helpful for infertility and absence of menstruation, as well as for nervousness, insomnia and anxiety associated with premenstrual syndrome. The plant also aids to restoration after childbirth and helps to increase breast milk production. The saying “sowing you oats” provides a clue to the effect oat has on male reproduction. It is excellent to restore male impotence. Oat is also helpful for the treatment of osteoporosis, cardiovascular disorder, diabetes, cholesterol reduction, coeliac disease and smoking cessation. It is a good idea to incorporate oat grains and bran in the food products you take to improve nutrition and as a therapy to various conditions.

Dosage: Avena sativa extract is usually sold as tablets. The standard dosage is 500 mg tablets twice a day to increase low libido.

Toxicity: None known.

Side Effects, Drug and Food Interactions: None.

Herbal Interaction: Antidepressant herbs and hypoglycemic herbs will have synergistic effect when combined with wild oat.

Horny goat weed increases sexual desire in men and women

In Asia, there are countless substances believed to have aphrodisiac properties. Many of these make their way across the globe. One of them is the so called Horny Goat Weed. Its botanical name is Epimedium Sagittatum. In China they call it Yin Ya Wo.

Epimedium is a decorative plant that has a solid reputation of a natural aphrodisiac. It has been used for thousands of years in traditional Asian medicine to treat impotence and erectile dysfunctions, as well as treat joint, liver, and kidney disorders. The Chinese folklore says that Asian goat-herders noticed the libido and copulating activities of their goats increase after eating Epedium plant. This is where the name Horny Goat Weed comes from.

The active ingredient in Epimedium is “icarriin”. Precisely this ingredient stimulates male and female sexual functions and acts as a powerful aphrodisiac by increasing blood flow to the genital area. It also increases energy levels, same as Damiana leaf. Women will be happy to find out that the Horny Goat Weed is considered excellent for relieving the symptoms of menopause.

Products you can purchase online containing Epimedium Sagittatum (Horny Goat Weed)

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