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Best Foods for Erectile Dysfunction


Different problems with erection can seriously affect the ego of any man. Erectile dysfunction is characterized by inability to sufficiently erect for a satisfactory sexual intercourse.

According to statistics, the potency of men over 30 years begins to weaken exponentially with the age increase.

This can be caused by various factors such as a decreased level of testosterone, a sedentary lifestyle, and a weakened immune system. To prevent erectile dysfunction, men should lead a healthy and active lifestyle, consume more vitamins, and have regular health checks in order to treat all diseases timely.

Believe it or not, but often harmful food can result in different sexual disorders. A lot of men often eat various semi-finished products and fast-food products that can have an adverse impact on their health and potency. Improper nutrition can result in many problems connected with the digestive system and metabolism as well as promote the formation of bad cholesterol.

As a result, many men have different cardiovascular diseases, which inevitably influence sexual function. All these factors can adversely affect normal functioning of body systems, weaken the erection and reduce the potency.

Nutrition plays a significant role in men’s lives and has a direct impact on their sexual abilities. To lower the risk of erectile dysfunction, you should know which foods contain the biggest amount of essential vitamins and minerals and can help prevent erectile dysfunction and improve the potency. In this article you can learn about the Top-6 products that help prevent erectile dysfunction, maintain your health, increase your self-confidence and preserve harmony in your sexual relationships.

1. Red grapes

Hundreds varieties of red grapes around the world have common beneficial properties for human health. Red grapes are especially useful for men, as they can stimulate the production of testosterone and improve the sperm quality. These berries can be characterized by a high content of resveratrol, which ensures protein activity. They are also rich in vitamins (A, C, B6) and minerals (potassium, calcium, iron, phosphorus, folate, magnesium, selenium etc.). Red grapes serve also as antioxidants due to flavonoids. These natural substances are well-known for their positive impact on male health and erectile function.

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2. Fish and seafood

According to statistics, Japanese men have fewer problems with erectile function and maintain a healthy potency until the old years. Scientists believe that this phenomenon can be easily explained by the fact that they consume a lot fish and sea products, which can help increase male power. This food is a powerful source of unsaturated and polyunsaturated acids and microelements necessary for preventing erectile dysfunction and expanding sexual excitement. Fish also contain vitamin D, which increases the level of testosterone and provides numerous beneficial effects for male organism. Mussels, shrimps, squid, sea kale and oysters are referred to natural aphrodisiacs, which can improve male sexual abilities and favorably influence the potency.

3. Meat

Meat meals have been always extremely popular among the male population. Meat products are regarded to be effective natural aphrodisiacs. This high-energy food contributes also to the production of the thyroid hormone, which increases the excitability of the nervous center. Meat products can provide male organism with essential proteins involved in the process of sperm production. But you need to remember that too frequent consumption of a large amount of meat can have the opposite effect and decrease male sexual activity. To increase manpower and prevent erectile dysfunction is better to eat red meat such as horse meat, beef and mutton as well as lean meat of rabbit, turkey, and chicken.

4. Nuts

Nuts are often called to be the first aid for increasing male power. There is a great variety of nuts including almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts etc. All of them contain vegetable protein and vitamin E, which provide a beneficial effect for preventing erectile dysfunction.

Vitamin E, which can be found in nuts and seeds, can favorably influence not only the male erectile function but the entire reproductive system.

5. Honey

Honey is especially useful for men health because this product contains essential nitric oxide and boron. These two substances can increase blood flow to the internal organs by 50%. Consequently, honey improves metabolic processes and prevents the erectile dysfunction in men.

To increase potency, honey is better to be eaten in its pure form as this raw product has a higher level of enzymes and antioxidants.

Eating just a spoon of honey a day can help to boost your life force and treat erectile dysfunction.

Honey can be also mixed with other useful natural remedies, for example different nuts to increase its beneficial effect and improve its flavor.

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6. Garlic

Due to its antiseptic properties garlic can kill infections, remove toxins, strengthen the walls of blood vessels, and has anti-inflammatory effect. Garlic can also increase the erection of a man thanks to a special steroid hormone called cortisol. This kind of hormones contributes significantly to spermatogenesis. That’s why men should incorporate at least 3-4 cloves of garlic per week in their nutrition to protect themselves from erectile dysfunction and prolong their sexual life.

It is also worth mentioning that nutrition of men shall be not only healthy but also regular to stimulate erection. Hunger can only intensify the erectile dysfunction.

The risk of erectile dysfunction can also increase due to excessive consumption of alcohol, smoking and overweight.

Erectile Dysfunction and Aphrodisiac Foods

Erectile dysfunction is a common but troublesome problem. Hurt feelings and disappointment can result from a man not being able to get an erection.

However, there are many different ways to treat this problem. A man can learn how to exercise his penis and he can take various enhancement pills or patches. He can also use vacuums and extending devices.

In addition to all of that, he might have to learn ways to get sexually aroused to begin with. After all, this is the first step towards sexual fulfillment as a man attempts to correct erectile dysfunction issues.

Stimulating Foods

Some of the most obvious stimulators include oysters (especially raw), chocolate, or strawberries. Of course, some of these foods along with bananas are thought to arouse the woman more than a man. However, these substances can please both genders.

Other foods that may do a person good include almonds. Again, this one is mostly attributed to a female but it has long been considered a symbol of fertility.

Avocadoes and other foods with Vitamin B6 in them are also very helpful. It is believed that this vitamin helps increase the production of male hormones, such as testosterone.

A spice that seems to help turn both a man and woman on is chili peppers. You can cook a tasty meal such as chili or tacos with this spice.

It will then release endorphins which are a natural form of energy. This natural high gives both partners in a relationship extra stamina.

Another very useful spice can arouse a man (or a woman) as well. Ginger is one that can increase sexual desire and make either the man or woman feel more powerful sexually. It plays a role in improved circulation.

Nutmeg is said to have a similar effect as ginger. Perhaps both of these can be used together to jump start an evening which could become a very gratifying sexual adventure.

Coffee is a substance that helps stimulate a man sometimes. He should only use it in moderation though or it could cause him to crash.

Wine of course is another substance used. One of the main reasons is that it is like beer in that it can relax a man and it can cause him to feel sexually aroused.

However, a man as well as the woman should be careful because too much wine can cause drowsiness. It can lead to further erectile dysfunction or impotence problems, too.

Overview of Erectile Dysfunction Herbs

There are ways to treat erectile dysfunction naturally. A variety of erectile dysfunction herbs are used both in brand named products as well as they are used individually.

Horny Goat Weed. This is a very popular aphrodisiac herb. It is used to help arouse a man. It can help him get and maintain an erection. You may have heard it by another name, such as Epimedium or Yin Yang Huo.

Ginseng. This is an herb that was popular way back during ancient Chinese days. It provides a source of intense energy for a man who wants to increase his sexual drive. It is a great complement to certain other erectile dysfunction herbs.

Catauba. This is a substance that helps improve memory and it also works on the central nervous system. You may have heard the joke that is sometimes associated with an herb like this-that a man can have great sex and remember it to!

Yohimbe. Natural plant source acts in a similar way as prescription ED medications. It helps get the blood pumping and gets a man ready for sexual activity. It usually takes about four hours to notice results. That is the time during which a man may get an erection.

Saw palmetto. This is a substance that works along with other aphrodisiac herbs to get the blood pumping. This herb is known to have an affect on the prostate, as it has been used to treat enlarge prostate glands.

Cnidium seeds. This is a substance that helps correct premature ejaculation problems. Thus, there is the chance for greater sexual satisfaction in both sexual partners.

Arginine. This is one of the amino acid substances that helps stimulate natural human growth hormone production. It also helps increase intensity of orgasm and helps prolong the amount of time a man is erect.

Muira Pauma. This is an herb that helps stimulate the nerves. The end result is improved overall sexual functioning. After all, it is the nerves that help a main feel aroused sexually.


There is a concern that erectile dysfunction herbs may not be safe. It can be very easy to overdose on some of them. This usually happens if a person is not monitoring the amount of certain herbs they take in a day.

To be safe, it is best if you use only one erectile dysfunction herb or supplement at a time. If you have any questions about how much is too much of a particular substance, as your doctor. Otherwise, just use as directed.

Erectile Dysfunction – How Cholesterol Kills Your Erection

The vast majority of men who have erectile dysfunction do not realize that one of the main factors in their problem is the unfortunate aspect of cholesterol that plugs up their arteries and blood vessels and prevents them from having all of the blood flow going to their penis. If your blood flow is not going to your penis, there is a really good chance you will be unable to have many problems with your erection status. When this is the case, you are really just not going to have a very good time.

Make sure you are taking cholesterol seriously when you are trying to fight erectile dysfunction. You may think that cholesterol is too high because of the food that you eat, but it may actually be too high because there is inflammation in your body that it has to go out to in order to fix. If you can solve this problem, you can really solve a lot of things that you wouldn’t have otherwise suspected. Making sure you are able to get rid of your cholesterol problem will help you in the long run.

More important than getting the cholesterol issue fixed is getting your diet fixed. As the diet is what will really determine your cholesterol, it is important to make sure you are not eating too many eggs even though you can have more than what is normally suggested. The goal is balance when it comes to your cholesterol and if you do not have this, there is no way for you to get past the problems that you are having with your erection. Get in touch with a doctor to figure out some sustainable methods of getting rid of your cholesterol issue rather than taking pills that will only get you even less healthy than you would have hoped.

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