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Video Games Cause Erectile Dysfunction in Young Men


Did you know that porn and video games lead to erectile dysfunction in boys? According to estimates of sexologists, the number of men, having problems with potency, has increased by more than 30-50%. Nowadays, experts state that about 40% of guys at least occasionally suffer from this disorder.

I’m really concerned about that. Moreover, I’m shocked at the statistics:

[notice color=’#ebebeb’]15-20 years ago, only middle-aged and elderly people experienced problems in sex life. Today, guys on the sunny side of thirty either visit doctors, or try to find other ways of ED treatment. And now, kids…[/notice]

Aren’t they too young for erectile dysfunction supplements? Aren’t they too young to have ED?

What Are the Seeds of Disease?

There was an interview with Philip Zimbardo, psychologist and former professor of Stanford University, in 2011. He stated that watching pornography, as well as playing video games is really harmful for our brain, psychological state, and overall health. Boys become addicted to all these things, like excessive use of porn and games. As a result, their addiction induces erectile dysfunction.


This fact has been proven by the results of his study. He conducted his survey with the help of 20,000 young men, who had a rather bad habit to watch porn and play games. That way, they found alternatives to real-life relationships and entertainment. Zimbardo called that phenomenon a sort of “masculinity crisis”.

Another reason is, of course, modern pace of life. It is really too fast and demanding. I believe that it leaves no chance for healthy lifestyle.

Sexologists state that a person may have erectile problems due to anxiety and stress in life. Besides, scientists have gotten to the bottom of the problem – porn induced erectile dysfunction has psychological roots. So, a young man might not have enough energy for sexual intercourse. In this case, he isn’t ready for real performance.

[notice color=’#ebebeb’]Imagine the situation when a young boy doesn’t want to have real sex, or he is afraid to. It’s a typical case of the effects of video games and porn mixture. Guys just don’t want to grow up and take responsibility for anything. Computer games become a sort of consolation for gamers.[/notice]

Computer Games Steal Testosterone

Addiction to the artificial reality of video games, combined with low physical activity, literally “steal” male sex hormone. When there is an insufficient production of testosterone in the body, scientists associate it with erectile dysfunction.

[notice color=’#ebebeb’]Women often complain that their kids spend all of their free time, playing computer games. Do they need sex after that?[/notice]

Of course, they experiences lots of bright emotions this way. And then, even after the game, they still continue to replay some of the moments in their heads during the day. You know what I mean…

In other words, kids, who get addicted to video games, are often satisfied with a little, and don’t want to step out of their comfort zone. As a result, they experience ambitions and male hormone decline.

Fortunately for us, guys, it’s possible to raise the level of testosterone in the body. According to the research, it has been discovered that as soon as we do that, a person loses interest in computer games.

Do You Have Erectile Dysfunction? Find the Solution Today!

Modern life has improved people’s standard of living. Pharmaceutical companies produce ED drugs that are really effective for men of any age. Is this the right solution for young men?

There is lots of information on the Internet. But first of all, you just need to get back to real life and forget about video games. I believe that is the best decision.

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