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The Best Solutions to Stop Premature Ejaculation in 2019

Stop Premature Ejaculation

Levels of Premature Ejaculation

Most experts divide the severity of premature ejaculation into four different levels, with level 4 the most serious and level 1 the least serious.

First level

The least serious level of premature ejaculation often is caused by stress, responsibilities, problems at work or personal level or a long period of sexual inactivity.

Many men blame their penises for this problem. The truth is that the real problem is in the mind, since our brain is responsible for collecting and managing sexual impulses related to physical and mental arousal during sex. The mind is responsible for creating sexual fantasy. In masturbation, as opposed to sex with a partner, we need to create a fantasy in our minds to achieve self-arousal and obtain an erection needed to masturbate. Sometimes this self-excitation has been poorly controlled since childhood, so there is a mental overdrive in order to ejaculate soon. This is the main cause of premature ejaculation at this level.

At the first level, premature ejaculation occurs occasionally in times of emotional stress and the duration of the act is usually between five and 10 minutes.

Second level

At this level, dysfunction already is chronic, making it very difficult to re-wire the brain without professional help.

At second level of PE, premature ejaculation always occurs, and the duration of the act usually is between one and four minutes.

These early levels are more controllable and somehow the most common, because a young man who discovers the pleasure of sex is not used to it and still does not know how to control his body and mind. A man who works hard and is under pressure also can develop premature ejaculation. Chronic stress also promotes the adrenaline rush, which causes the acceleration of processes such as premature ejaculation. In other words, chronic stress distorts the way we see sexual situations and makes us react to them very differently.

Third level

Unfortunately, many cases of premature ejaculation start directly in third level of premature ejaculation.

At this level, premature ejaculation already is chronic, and the person usually ejaculates just when he enters his partner. In third level, the stress and anxiety take over the mind of the sufferer, and PE has become a psychological problem.

Fourth level

This is the most severe level and means that premature ejaculation has become a disorder.

At the fourth level of premature ejaculation, psychological problems are serious because the person may devalue his own personality involved in all aspects of his life, including at work.

At this level, premature ejaculation is a disorder, and the sufferer often ejaculates even before entering his partner.

Seventy-five percent of men will experience at least once premature ejaculation in their lifetimes. On the other hand, an estimated 40 percent of men suffer from this problem. Sex experts, including urologists and therapists, have determined that premature ejaculation causes emotional distress both to the man and his partner due to the rapid conclusion of sex.

The third and fourth levels of premature ejaculation are more critical and more complicated but not impossible to overcome. These severe levels are considered critical. They are also recoverable but, of course, are a bit more complex. The fourth level is undoubtedly the most serious of all because in this state, the problem of premature ejaculation is a serious sexual disorder, and the intervention of a specialist is required to fix the problem. You at least can read “The Ejaculation Trainer” and find out what you can do yourself, thanks to the excellent and natural treatment offered there.

It is impossible to find a prevention for premature ejaculation simply because it does not exist. This is why it is important to have good sex education. I’m aiming for all men who suffer from this problem. You must know that there is a solution to your problem. You just have to take the next step and read the book.

Physical Exercises to Treat Premature Ejaculation

Also known as “stop-start” technique, this was developed in the 1960s by urologist James Semans to treat premature ejaculation. It’s basically a technique that involves masturbating until you are very close to having an orgasm, at which point you should stop masturbating and relax, so that you avoid ejaculation. Then, before losing your full erection, you should repeat the process again. The time needed to relax between the cycles is about 30 to 60 seconds.

You should do this three to five days per week, trying to get as many cycles in as possible without ejaculating. However, it should be noted that if at any time ejaculation becomes inevitable, you must not under any circumstances try to stop or interrupt it.

The main objective of this technique is that the man learns to recognize the sensations prior to an inevitable act of ejaculation and stop at the right time to prevent the arrival of an orgasm and thereby prolong the time of reaching orgasm.

Eventually, when you have learned to stop masturbating before ejaculating, you can invite your partner to be a part of the process. You will then be able to alert your partner to slow or stop the stimulation. With patience and discipline, in a few months you will learn to control your emotions during sex and also to respond effectively to the possible arrival of ejaculation.

However, do not neglect your partner while performing the stop-start technique. Some women prefer having an orgasm before carrying out the exercises. Others like more to get attention when their partner already has ejaculated. Just ask her, because your partner’s participation is important. Also, you will make her happy by showing that you care.

Technique of Kegel

This technique is named after Dr. Arnold Kegel, who in the middle of last century developed a series of routines based on exercises. Their original purpose was to strengthen the pelvic floor of women to reverse urinary incontinence often acquired after giving birth. Today it’s a technique that applies most often to men suffering with premature ejaculation. The idea behind this technique is to strengthen the “pubococcygeus”, or PC muscle, therefore giving you a greater control over the ejaculatory reflex.

Exercises developed by Dr. Kegel consist of contracting systematically pelvic floor muscles. It’s based on pre-established routines that seek to strengthen and improve the individual’s control over this area in order to be able to delay the ejaculation process.

First, you should locate your PC muscle. Most likely, you did not know this muscle existed. If you try stop a urine stream while urinating, you are contracting your PC muscle. Try it, and locate your PC muscle.

In order to use your PC muscle, you need to strenghten it. This is not something you could do in your gym by using weight machines.

Now, assuming you have properly located the PC muscle, start with routines of 10 contractions lasting three to 10 seconds with rest intervals of at least 10 seconds. First, it would be hard to squeeze the PC muscle even for a few seconds. The routines should be repeated about three times during the first days of exercise and then increased gradually up to 15.

As with every muscle, the PC muscle can feel sore when just starting out with the routines. Also, it’s important not to overtrain the PC muscle at first. You should gradually increase the contraction time of the PC muscle and add more routines as the PC muscle becomes stronger.

A strong PC muscle is definitely a good thing. It will make your erections harder, your orgasm stronger and allow you to delay and control ejaculation.

The application of techniques and exercises outlined above provide an important supplement in the treatment of premature ejaculation but in no way will replace a complete program that targets the premature ejaculation on all fronts and provide final and conclusive results.

Fix Premature Ejaculation – My Personal Story

When I had my first experience with my sexuality, about 15 years ago, there was nothing in my
head that clouded these meetings. I just wanted to experience all those feelings that were so new to me.

I realized when I was kissing a girl while spending a long time over her, lying in a park and
touching her, even with clothes on I came to orgasm quickly. At first, I sort of liked this and did not try to prevent it. Moreover, on many occasions, I tried to reach orgasm quickly for fear that we would be discovered.

I was acting very similar in regard to masturbation, trying to reach orgasm as quickly as possible. A constant fear of getting caught along with a sense of guilt forced me to end as quickly as possible. And so, in a totally unconscious way, I was carrying out a series of actions, and by learning mechanically combined with the psychological urge to ejaculate, I was developing premature ejaculation myself.

It was not until I was older, when I had passed these first games to really practice sex and love, that I realized the problem I had.

Premature ejaculation is definitely one of the most frustrating things a man can ever suffer. Suffering premature ejaculation systematically weakens self-confidence and can even lead to severe depression and total loss of self-esteem.

The first real relationship I had with a girl coincided with the first time I fell in love. She was really important to me. Even today, although we’re no longer together, she still is. With her, I found out what love really is.

However, our sexual relationship always had been influenced by premature ejaculation. She was
always patient with me, understanding and never pressed me. However, as I always ejaculated within seconds of starting, I felt tremendous frustration and was angry with myself.

Unconsciously, I was developing my own methods to prolong intercourse. I realized that it was all psychological. When I was relaxed, unhurried and concentrating on my breathing, in many cases I could last longer. While experiencing my first love, I learned that there are many ways to please a woman, even though I already had ejaculated.

I gradually gained confidence in myself but still suffered premature ejaculation, as most of the time I was unable to control the ejaculatory phase.

It was then that I began to seek help:

On many occasions, and especially with such an intimate topic as premature ejaculation, we cannot find the solution because we are ashamed to seek outside help. Having said that, I encourage all of you who are having this problem not to hesitate and to speak with your partner, simply and without prejudice. She will definitely help in everything you need and, at the same time, strengthen self-confidence, which is so important in order to take control over premature ejaculation.

You should tell not only your partner but also professionals in the field: doctors, urologists and psychologists, who are of invaluable help. Feel free to address this issue with your doctor, or better yet, with a sex therapist specialized to treat premature ejaculation.

The additional aid against Premature Ejaculation:

It was no less important — at least for me — to learn everything about premature ejaculation. I wanted to know its causes, consequences and exercises that could help to gain control over premature ejaculation, as well as natural methods, the muscles that control the ejaculatory process and so on. I learned many myths about premature ejaculation and found many methods and products that are created only for profits.

I had a long list of questions I wanted to find answers for but could not find them anywhere. Among the books I found online about premature ejaculation, I definitely recommend the ebook of “Ejaculation Trainer”

It is a truly complete digital book with practical exercises, and it has been very helpful for me to control my premature ejaculation.

I recommend it to everyone because its contents are fully self-explanatory, and the proposed natural exercises – both mental and physical – are really useful. Most importantly, it’s working.

Thanks for reading this far, and good luck in your fight against premature ejaculation!