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What Penis Pump for ED Is

Penis pump is a device intended for enabling a man to attain and sustain an erection firm enough for sexual intercourse. The other names that can be used to define it are vacuum erection device and vacuum pump.

This device is one of the methods to cure erectile dysfunction, meaning that a strong erection can’t occur by itself.

Its structural parts include an acrylic cylinder, a pumping mechanism, and a constriction ring. There are hand and battery-powered pumping mechanisms.

The suction power of vacuum inside a cylinder is what helps men get an erection.

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Why to Use It

It’s reasonable to use a penis pump to tackle the issue of erectile dysfunction if:

  • The man is unable to have an erection necessary for satisfying sexual intercourse.
  • The other treatment methods are unsafe because of a high risk of complications and adverse reactions.
  • The other treatment methods turned to be ineffective.
  • The man wants to save money on treatment. It’s a one-time expense that doesn’t require additional investment.
  • The man wants to avoid painful medical procedures, such as penile injections and surgery.
  • The doctor decides that the penis pump can complement the other treatment methods. If the device is used as an adjunct therapy, the overall treatment results will be much more beneficial.
  • The patient needs restorative treatment after prostate surgery and radiotherapy treatment for prostate cancer.

Possible Risks

Penis pumps are known for their safety for the men’s health. But the men have to consider the following possible risks:

  • Bleeding. Anticoagulants can’t be taken along with the use of penis pump because such a combination may cause bleeding. It’s necessary to avoid clopidogrel and warfarin.
  • Clotting. The risk of clotting is especially high if the man has sickle cell anemia or any other cardiovascular disease and takes appropriate medications.
  • Sudden Contraindications. These contraindications may occur if the patient doesn’t tell his doctor about the diseases he has and about the pharmacological therapy he may undergo.

Adverse Effects

The men who cure ED with penis pumps may face some adverse effects. They are as follows:

  • Petechiae. This most common adverse effect is a result of capillary bleeding under the skin of penis. Petechiae look like very small red dots on the skin.
  • Numbness and/or Blue-colored Skin. These sensation and appearance are temporary. They may appear if the constriction band impedes penile blood circulation.
  • Hematomas and Pain. The man may experience these symptoms if he doesn’t abide by the device usage guidelines.
  • Painful Ejaculation. Penis pumps may cause some difficulties with ejaculation accompanied with discomfort and even pain. There are the constriction rings with small notches. They prevent such a problem.

What Else to Consider

The men should also be ready for:

  • Unusual Erections. The men may have sensations which differ from those they have when natural erection occurs. Thus, a lack of penile rigidity at the root of penis is possible.
  • Feeling of Uneasiness. To avoid embarrassment, the man should be calm and patient. The partner should also give the man emotional support in order to decrease his psychological distress.
  • Necessity to Use Hands. To properly use a device, the man and/or his partner may need to show good manual dexterity skills. Visual impairment, poor manual dexterity, and some disabilities can make it difficult to relieve ED symptoms with the penis pump.

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Must-Do List before Starting Treatment

Before the man purchases and starts using any penis pump, he has to obligatorily take steps listed below:

  • Get a Diagnosis. Not the man by himself but the doctor has to make a diagnosis of erectile dysfunction and find out the disorder reasons.
  • Visit Appropriate Professionals. The man should firstly seek for medical advice of highly professional urologist. Also, the patient should treat underlying condition if he has any.
  • Undergo Physical Examination. Typically, the doctor has to determine how cardiovascular system and urogenital system function. A digital rectal examination may also be required to make sure that prostate gland works well.
  • Create Treatment Plan. The doctor will help the patient to develop a treatment plan and decide whether it’s reasonable to include the use of penis pump to this plan.

The patient has to inform the doctor about:

  • All the past and current diseases regardless of whether they are related to urogenital system or not.
  • Penile, testicular, and/or prostatic injuries and/or surgeries the man has ever had.
  • Any pharmacological therapy the man undergoes.
  • Any natural supplements the man takes.
  • Any experience of taking ED medications and the results of therapy.

Even if the man has been already diagnosed with erectile dysfunction, he shouldn’t ignore the necessity to consult the doctor.

The Choice of Device

There are the penis pumps which don’t require any prescription. But the patient should discuss his intention to buy such a device with his doctor.

The doctor can help the patient choose the most suitable penis pump, depending on severity of erectile dysfunction and the man’s overall health. Also, the doctor can advise the most trustworthy manufacturers of such devices.

The penis pumps purchased from the doubtful manufacturers may be useless and even threaten the health of men.

The top-notch penis pump must have vacuum limiter. This ensures maximum safety while using the device. A possibility to regulate the suction power helps avoid penile injuries.

Pubic hair removal is recommended to prevent discomfort and pain while wearing a constriction ring and using a device.

Does Penis Pump Mean a Penis Extender?

There is much information on the internet, convincing the men that a penis pump is a penis extender. Advertisements state that these devices can effectively serve the purpose of penis lengthening.

But there are no facts and results of clinical trials which can prove such an effect of using the penis pumps.

Unintended use of the device in order to make penis grow is fraught with negative consequences, such as penile injuries.

Only the proper use of device is safe for men.

How to Use the Device

The sequence of steps for the use of penis pump is easy to follow. It’s required to:

  • Put the penis in acrylic cylinder.
  • Utilize hand or battery-powered pumping mechanism. Vacuum works by improving penile blood circulation.
  • Apply constriction ring after the occurrence of erection. This ring doesn’t let the erection to disappear.
  • Put the penis pump off.

As a result, the man attains the erection which enables him to have a satisfying sexual intercourse.

It’s not recommended to use the constriction ring for a long time. The time of use shouldn’t exceed half an hour. Otherwise, the blood circulation will be impaired. And this will negatively affect the penile tissues, causing penile injuries.

Expected Results

The penis pump is not a medication or a tool that can fix the impairment of erectile function by itself only. But it’s possible to use this device as an effective method for adjunctive treatment of erectile dysfunction.

The man who applies such a device is sure to attain and sustain a firm erection. It’s necessary to use the penis pump if the doctor thinks it will help decrease ED symptoms in a particular patient.

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