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Pelvic Floor Exercises and Menopause


Pelvic Floor Exercises? Doesn’t that involve the squeezing of various torturous looking implements by women of a certain age?
And that is one of the big problems about sex and Menopause – it’s regarded as a female concern.. Something the woman has to sort out.

But, the truth is, if you want your marriage to survive what can be around a decade of upheaval – if you’re lucky, it needs to be a joint venture.

Pelvic Floor Exercises For Men?

For men, these exercises can help to prevent problems with urine and fecal control, which will normally be a direct result of problems with the prostate gland.

Regular pelvic floor exercises will keep the muscles toned for women but, for men, they increase the blood supply to this peculiarly male part, helping to keep the prostate in good condition.


For many wives, Menopause starts off as hot sweats and mood swings with an increased libido that keeps him on his toes before revealing hitherto hidden problems with his own libido.

Once her hormones settle down, the lack of oestrogen means that her sexual desire decreases rapidly. A problem which is made worse by pain during sex from vaginal thinning. The combination of the two can be a powerful reason why a woman might not want to have sex much – if at all. It hurts and she just doesn’t feel the same desire any more, although she does not love her partner any less.

For her husband, Menopause is a time of walking on eggshells with a woman who, one minute, is humping his leg like a dog in heat and the next is pushing him away every time he tries to get intimate. It is a most confusing situation at a time when his own performance can become compromised due to prostate malfunction.

At such times, it is vital that the two people can talk to each other about these physical symptoms as well as the emotional confusion for both partners at this difficult time. They need to be able to look into causes and cures together. It’s the next stage of their relationship.

Often known as Kegels, after the Austrian doctor who first documented their relevance, exercising the muscles of the pelvic girdle is vital to maintaining health in later life.

This hammock of muscle holds everything in place and needs to be kept at optimal tension to avoid organ prolapse. Allow it to slacken off and basic gravity means that things start moving downwards through whatever openings are available – whether you’re male or female.

The rather flawed design of a woman’s body means that kegel exercises are vital for all age groups, whether they’ve had children or not. The pelvic floor has three holes dissecting it, affecting the integrity of the muscles. If you have additional downwards pressure of extra weight through pregnancy or obesity and the result can be urinary and/or anal stress incontinence or, worse, prolapse.

But there is an important side effect of pelvic floor exercise because it works with the muscles that control the sexual organs for both genders, improving performance and sensitivity. For women suffering with vaginal atrophy which causes the pain during intercourse, the additional circulation of blood can help to plump up the flesh and avoid the need for hormonal supplements.

There are exercises that you can do together as you do household chores and you can even use special battery-operated devices which amplify the effects of the contractions. Alternatively, you can take your exercises to the bedroom and work out together to really feel the benefits.

There’s nothing works quite so well as having someone remark upon the effectiveness of your contractions and the improvement in your ability to squeeze. Machines just don’t do that.

So, use pelvic floor exercises to retain your health and save your marriage.



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