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Nitroxin Male Enhancement Review


Are you usually annoyed by male enhancement products advertisement? Yes, I used to be because I used to think they are just talk and no action. But with Nitroxin Male Enhancement, my opinion has changed. Find out why I said so here.

About the Product!

The name of the product makes it pretty clear that it is a male enhancement dietary product. It is actually a combination of a cream and pill system that makes the user gain better size for the penis and improved sexual performance ability.

Nitroxin Ingredients

These are the ingredients that the official website claims to use in making the product:

  • Oyster Shell (Zinc source)
  • MACA
  • Horny Goat Weed
  • Muira Puama

How Does Nitroxin Work?

  • Zinc (oyster shell) helps curb decline in arousal and virility and helps one manage fatigue well
  • MACA hardens the erection, strengthens one’s ability to last longer and also improves orgasm quality
  • Muira Puama as well as Horny goat Weed help in curbing any sexual dysfunction problem and boost the sexual prowess and health of the user

Tips on using…

Use the capsules orally (one a day)
Apply the cream on to the penis properly every day

Results it helps one Get!

  • Improvement in sexual stamina
  • Strengthened and harder ability to erect
  • Gratifying orgasm that lasts longer than usual
  • Delay in fatigue and improved prowess of the body that makes it manage exhaustion very well

About my Changed Option – Here’s the Reason!

Through this supplement, I have been able to achieve a healthy sex life. I never thought that even at this age, I would be having such great sex but as my wife says, we are only getting better with age.

Of course, most of credit for this actually goes to this miraculous blend of natural ingredients that I am using every day.

My erection ability and strength is far higher and stronger and I can see the results. It has only been 3 months and the results are just about wonderful!

Should you Try this?

Yes, give my own incredibly positive experience; I would say absolutely, you should!


  • Cream as well as pills’ packaging makes it easy to carry around for users
  • The results are really speedy
  • It is completely natural and free of chemicals
  • The manufacturing of male enhancement pills is done within a certified, safe lab under supervised

Psychological Effects of Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a very common problem among males. The largest percentage of sufferers is older males, say 50 and over. However, some younger men struggling with medical conditions also have this problem.

Oftentimes there is a huge misunderstanding among couples affected by ED. Presented below are some of the most common unresolved issues among men and women surrounding this issue:

For Men

He often feels ashamed and inadequate. He then feels very embarrassed and withdraws even more from sexual activity. He may at one point feel hopeless and not know what to do about the problem. This hopelessness often leads to severe depression and that leads to no motivation to do anything about it.

When a man feels inadequate sexually it might affect his stress level too. This can compound the problem, as the anxiety of not being able to perform makes the problem worse. This leads to yet even more hopelessness and depression, and sometimes anger taken out on the spouse.

For Women

She often misinterprets a man’s lack of interest in sex as rejection. She may also think he is mad at her or that something else is wrong besides the ED. This may lead to fights and arguments that never needed to occur especially if a man tries to convince her “nothing is wrong.”

That is, nothing may be wrong with him besides the erectile dysfunction condition. In the worst-case scenario a woman may begin to not trust a man and think he is cheating on her. She may also think he has fallen out of love with her.

Other Issues

Sometimes sexual issues in the bedroom affect other areas of a couple’s life. For instance, maybe the man and woman may become overly critical of one another.

This is not uncommon anyway when a couple feels like they lost that “spark” they used to have. Perhaps part of the daily “nick-picking’ of one another is a result of sexual boredom.

This often results as well because one or both of the persons in the relationship wants to just brush it off like it is okay. Either that or they are afraid to talk about the issue because neither wants to hurt the other’s feelings.

A Solution

Couples can learn more about the psychological effects of erectile dysfunction. There is plenty of research material that covers this issue. They can also seek one of many treatment options available and if necessary seek counseling together.



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