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Good Diet Before Honeymoon


Honeymoon is the most memorable, exciting and much anticipated time of every couple. In order to enjoy this time it is very important that you are healthy and fit.

A Good diet before honeymoon helps you maintain and tone your body. Some key points to be kept in mind for a good diet before honeymoon are:

  • Plan a daily menu for each day of the week. Include a wide variety of options in order to make your platter interesting and innovative each time. Include all essential food groups in small portions in order to maintain the nutritional value as well.
  • The aim should be to eat small portions of wholesome meal every few hours. This helps you curb starving or craving for food and also prevent unnecessary unhealthy binging and snacking on junk food.
  • Eating slowly while chewing every bite of your food helps your mind focus on the food in the plate and also eat at a consistent rate and time. This not only signals your mind that your stomach is full but also helps you relish and enjoy your meal every time thus leaving you satisfied.
  • Make a healthy meal and carry your packed lunch with you outside. This prevents you from queuing in front of fast food joints, thus cutting down on unnecessary calories from tempting junk food items.
  • Keep a store of healthy snacking options like carrot sticks, apples, nuts, dried fruits, rice cakes, yoghurt, fruit juices, etc.
  • Eat only when you are hungry and sit at a table and eat while focusing only on your food. Never binge while watching television or working as it leads to over-eating.
  • Include large quantities of fresh fruits and salads in your meal. You can also start your meal with a light soup.
  • Make sure to have lots of green leafy vegetables in your diet.
  • Also a good dose of dairy products like milk, cheese and yoghurt are to be included on a regular basis. However you can always opt for a low fat variety of the product.
  • Choose healthier options for your drinks and beverages instead or rich creamy lattes and shakes.
  • Keep a track of what you eat the entire day, despite enjoying your eating experiences.
  • Never skip your breakfast. Have a light lunch and an even lighter dinner. Also never eliminate the food you like from your diet completely. Rather opt for smaller portions of food.
  • Changing your style of cooking is highly beneficial. Opt for boiled, grilled and baked options instead of fried wherever possible.
  • Sitting up straight while eating helps you feel fuller than slouching.
  • Pop a mint or cardamom pods after finishing your meal. This refreshes your mouth and helps your mind deviate from the taste or thoughts of the food. Also avoid nibbling while you cook or clean the kitchen or fridge.

Apart from a healthy diet it is also vital that you indulge in regular exercise. Brisk walking or jogging, swimming, taking up sports, cycling, yoga, etc all help tone up your body. This is an essential part of a good diet before honeymoon.



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