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Some people are open about their fetishes while others aren’t. I think that some people are afraid of them because they think they are weird. No fetish is weird, unless it is having sex with a dead body. Fetishes are normal and we all have them. They are what make sex interesting and fun. A fetish is when we need something special to turn us on. That special thought we think while we are masturbating. It is what makes us really horny, verses just horny. There are many fetishes out there. Unfortunately, the media only usually covers a few. For example, latex or rubber. It hardly does any justice.

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Some fetishes will contain actual items, such as high heels… Some fetishes will be about acts, like acting like an animal while having sex. Some fetishes might contain both actual items and acting, like wearing a diaper and acting like a baby.

Some men have fetishes and don’t even know it. Are you a breast lover? That is a fetish. Do you like a woman in pantyhose? That too is a fetish. Don’t run from them, they are what turn you on.

Here is a list of the top ten fetishes. Check the list if any of these are your fetishes. Hell, you might even find something you didn’t know you liked.

1. Stomachs: Both men and woman like to flaunt their flat stomachs. Nothing is more hot than a woman who is fit. Personally, this drives me wild. I love to see a flat stomach on a woman,

2. Piercings: This is something that is popular with the younger people. They pierce everything than can. They don’t stop at the ears like a normal person does. They may pierce their tongue, their eye brows, their face, or anything they can. I have seen men and women with their nipples pierced! I have heard people of going to the extreme and piercing their genitals. Wow, that must hurt like hell.

3. Latex, leather, rubber: A lot of men love to look at women wearing very tight material. I think this is because it doesn’t make one have to imagine what the person looks like underneath their clothes. Nothing looks better than a nice pair of breasts under a latex shirt.

4. Domination: I have never understood this one. I have tried to get into this, but it isn’t my thing. Some men like to be told what to do. This may also involve whips, hand cuffs, or chains. I don’t know what is a turn on about this, but it seems popular.

5. Feet: This is a popular fetish. I once talked to an escort (classy name for whore) who said that this was very popular with her clients. Some men like to adorn a woman’s feet, while others like to lick them. I have heard of one man who had a fake wedding for their feet and actually threw rice on them and such. To each their own I guess.

6. Lipstick/fingernails: This is a fetish of mine. I love to see a woman wearing thick red lipstick. All I can think about is the ring that it would leave around my penis if she were to give me oral sex. This is one of the things that make a woman look like a woman. This is what from separates men from women. We don’t wear lipstick, well, at least most of us don’t.

7. Hair: This isn’t as weird as it may seem. We all like to see a woman who keeps her hair neat and clean. Some men really get off on this though. Some guys like a woman who has a pony tail or has braids in her hair.

8. Water: Every man dreams of that woman who sticks her head up from the pool and is very good looking. I think we like water because people tend to wear little or nothing in water. Nothing looks better on a woman than a wet t-shirt or a wet bathing suit fit snuggly on her breasts.

9. Golden showers: This is a strange one. This is one of my all time favorites. This is where you urinate on your partner, or they urinate on you. I think this is a great turn on. Sometimes it has to do with domination. There is no signal stronger than pissing on someone. This is the most fun out of all the fetishes. Make sure you try this one out!

10. Voyeurism: This is the most popular fetish. People love to watch and be watched having sex. This is one of the reasons why porn is so popular. We love to watch someone have sex. I have seen a lot of people who have sex and put movies and pictures of it on the net.

We all have things that turn us on. Don’t be afraid of them, enjoy them. They will help make your sex life better.



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