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Overall View On Male Health Statistics

Male health statistics are related to lungs, hearts, hormones, alcohol, drugs, penis, prostate problems, livers, kidneys, sex and sexual life and so on. The major causes for male health deficiencies are – poverty, poor health education, racial discrimination, lack of affordable health services, cultural barriers, job that doesn’t offer health insurance, insufficient medicine or treatment...More Please

6 Foods for Erectile Dysfunction

Different problems with erection can seriously affect the ego of any man. Erectile dysfunction is characterized by inability to sufficiently erect for a satisfactory sexual intercourse. According to statistics, the potency of men over 30 years begins to weaken exponentially with the age increase. This can be caused by various factors such as a decreased...More Please

L-arginine – Is Herbal Natural Supplements Containing L-arginine Good for Better Harder Erection?

Read on to find out why so many people talk so much about this particular natural ingredient. Millions of men in America alone are silently suffering from feelings of dissatisfaction about the size of their manhood. The products that have been devised, formulated, manufactured and are being sold all over are plenty. Erectile dysfunction is...More Please


Some people are open about their fetishes while others aren’t. I think that some people are afraid of them because they think they are weird. No fetish is weird, unless it is having sex with a dead body. Fetishes are normal and we all have them. They are what make sex interesting and fun. A…More Please