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Caffeine Found to be Boosting Erectile Action!


The mammoth like existence of the disease called erection dysfunction and its omnipresence has forced and triggered a number of studies and researches into the disease, especially after the invention of the very famous ED drugs about a decade ago. Though even prior to the invention of the oral ED pills ED medications existed they were more often than not ineffective. Today however times have changed and there are as effective ED treatments as the oral drugs, albeit a little complicated.

There are many people who are not tolerant to any of the ED pills, not even to levitra which is touted to be the safest among the three, for them these ED treatments can be of great use. The ED drugs basically work by preventing the breakdown of a chemical called cGMP which triggers erection. All the famous ED drugs contain phosphodiesterase-5 (PDE-5) inhibitors. This is the chemical that prevents the breakdown of cGMP.

Though ED is now fairly defeated by medical science, still researches into the disease continue in order to know the disease better. This will in turn enable mankind to invent better and safer and a larger variety of ED drugs. In a similar study conducted recently, it was found that caffeine can be helpful in boosting up erection functions in men. The study was actually conducted on rats and the results were very encouraging.

However, whether caffeine will be of help to the men with ED is still to be proved. Another factor that comes in is that the researchers who conducted the study have said that caffeine can be especially of help to those men who are victimized by ED due to diabetes. The chances of caffeine helping men with diabetes induced ED is however not as much as in the men who have ED without diabetes. Diabetes is a very fertile cause of ED. Though it is unbelievable it is absolutely true that almost 75% of diabetics are troubled by ED.

The fact that other elements like caffeine, apart from the ED drugs can be helpful in ED treatment is indeed heartening news. However, this does not imply that diabetic men with ED can cure the latter by sipping down buckets of coffee. It has not been proved that caffeine is capable of curing ED completely on its own. Yes, it has been claimed that in case a diabetic men with ED has more than required dose of caffeine he will need to have a less than required dose of medicine. Apart from this the exact degree of effects of having caffeine is still to be determined.

The ED drugs work by preventing the breakdown of cGMP in the penis, where as caffeine does the task in the entire body. Among the ED medications as I have already mentioned levitra is often advertised to be safe for the people with heart ailments and diabetes. People actually tend to buy erectile dysfunction pills because of this plus point. Inspite of these plus points one should never forget the levitra dangers that can ensue if the drug is had without levitra prescription. There are certain online pharmacies that claim to sell male enhancement pills without prescription. One should always beware of such pharmacies. Even in the case of levitra always ensure that you are given a prescription when you buy levitra online.

Stop Smoking to Prevent Penile Dysfunction

Doctors and scientists have found many different causes for erectile dysfunction. Many of them are truly scary in their long term impacts on the rest of the body. Some of them are great warnings that men should heed at all times. Others causes include habits that are bad for the body and often lead to erectile dysfunction problems. One of these problems is smoking, which is done by a large percentage of the population. There are a number of reasons why smoking is attributed to penile dysfunction and we will try to help you understand them all in the following article. Hopefully, this will help any smokers to understand why it is that they should quit.

Respiratory System and Penile Dysfunction
As scientists have long theorized, there are many connections between all of the different systems within our body. The respiratory system is the way that the body maintains the oxygen that goes to the lungs and the brain. However, this system is also closely related to the health of the nervous system and of the body in general. When the respiratory system is in poor health then it definitely affects other parts of the body very negatively.

One of the worst ways to treat the respiratory system is to smoke cigarettes or other products. Any kind of smoking is bad for the lungs even if it is a therapeutic herb that might be prescribed by the doctor. Our lungs were not meant to breathe such toxins into the lungs so there are some serious impacts for the wider body. Most men do not realize that smoking can have such an effect on their respiratory system.

In fact, most men understand the risks of smoking when it comes to cancer and other deadly diseases. Usually they prefer to maintain a pleasurable existence than to care about any of these life threatening problems. However, they do not know that the respiratory system is incredibly important for penile function and that smoking can make them impotent. Usually they are able to change their decision about smoking after they find this out through hard evidence, but this is not always the case.

Reverse Penile Dysfunction Due to Smoking

Just because you have been smoking does not mean that you can’t stop in order to reverse the trends that your body has already felt for a long period of time. Many men make the mistake of thinking they can’t reverse their fortunes when it comes to penile dysfunction just because they have been smoking for so long. While it is true that it will take a long time to recover and they might not be the same when they are older in age that does not mean that they can’t reverse their penile dysfunction problems by stopping the inhalation of smoke too often.

Obviously, the best case scenario for men who smoke is to stop immediately and avoid all kind of second hand smoke for the rest of their life. This will give the lungs a chance to heal themselves and rebuild some of the cells that have been lost. In addition, men who can avoid second hand smoke will be even better off. Finally, men who have had a habit of smoking should try to do some physical exercise to get the power back in the respiratory system. There are many ways to do this, but swimming is a great way to build lung capacity so that you can have a better sex life.

Better Sex After Quitting Smoking

Many men will recognize that their sex drive and ability is much better after they quit smoking. Not only is the smoke bad for the respiratory system, but the nicotine in cigarettes and other tobacco products can often harm your nervous system as well. It will do all kinds of crazy things to your blood and brain, which makes it very difficult to have a good erection that can last for a long period of time. More importantly, many men find it difficult to become erect whenever it is that they want to. Penile dysfunction is just a small symptom of smoking, which is why you need to quit at the earliest possible moment to save your relationships.



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