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Best Penis Extenders in 2020

best penis extenders

Which One Should You Choose?

So you have decided to buy a Penis Extender, but can be a confusing and frustrating experience, there are many bad quality, overpriced extenders out there on the market, all promising over hyped (and in many cases untruthful) results.

We have put this site together to help make the choice easier for you, by first outlining the things you need to beware of and then by rating our top three extenders.
Our Criteria :
1. Quality: Many extenders will cost you upwards of $150 so we want to ensure you are getting a good quality, durable product that will last for years.

2. Comfort: You are going to be wearing these devices for quite sometime so its vital to ensure its comfortable
3. Safety: This one is obvious, if your going to be putting a device on your penis that is effectively stretching it you want to be sure its safe! the last thing we want to do it damage the very organ we are looking to enlarge.
4. Ease of Use: In our experience some of these devices can be extremely difficult and are very frustrating to fit and use.
5. After Sales Support: Vital if you run into any problems or need clarification about the use of the extender.
6. Results:Naturally, the extender has to work, we are not going to want to part with a few hundred dollars just to find the device we bought is bogus and doesn’t increase the size of your penis.
After much testing and debate our top devices are listed below in order from highest rated to lowest

SizeGenetics – Best Penis Extender

SizeGenetics is a name synonymous with penis enlargement, so it is no surprise the Sizegenetics extender comes out trumps when measured against our criteria outlined above.
Now with their new 16 way comfort system this extender has shot to the top of quality extenders currently available. Many Penis Extenders overlook comfort to save on costs and as a result many extenders are uncomfortable to wear and some are downright painful, but with size genetics padded straps and other comfort measures, you will be able to wear the device discreetly for longer periods under your clothing, which in turn leads to faster and bigger gains.
The 16 way system allows you to chose from 16 different ways to wear the device to ensure maximum comfort.

Sizegentics Extenders are made from the highest quality durable materials, to ensure your investment can handle many years of repeated use.
You can expect to see initial results with in a few weeks, greater, more permanent increases in length and girth will be seen with a few short months.
The device is very easy to put on (some extenders are a nightmare to fit) and as mentioned above can be warn discretely under clothing while you go about your normal daily business.

2. ProExtender

Not Much Separates ProExtender from our number one rated device, SizeGenetics. The one major factor that sees this extender drop a point is simply price.

Whilst the ProExtender is a superior device in many ways and contains all the features, support and results you would want, its base model starts at over a hundred dollars more than SizeGenetics.
The delux model comes in at $40 more as well, although it does have some very attractive features such as a bottle of Semenax (a semen volume enhancer) and VigRX (erection enhancer), it still doesn’t compare in our opinion to the free lifetime Penis Health membership that comes with Sizegenetics (see Sizegenetics review for details)

3. Vimax Penis Extender

If there had to be a rating for cheapest penis extender to buy, then the Vimax extender wins hands down with a price tag of under $100.

Whilst it is a great device and does work, unlike many more expensive extenders, as with most things you get what you pay for and the Vimax extender does come without a lot of the extras that the ProExtender and the SizeGentics Extender includes in their pricing.

Unlike the other two devices reviewed, there is no delux option, the extender comes plainly packaged in a cardboard box (although it does have a felt travel bag inside) as well as some pretty basic written instructions (no dvd like the other two).

The Vimax extender is still a very effective device and whilst it doesn’t come with some of the extra comfort straps of the others, its easy to wear and lets face it at this price, its a bargain for an entry level device or those who have a limited budget. It will still out preform many more expensive but inferior devices.