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The Best Hard On Pills That Work

best hard on pillsSince time of its invention, Viagra has rapidly and confidently topped the list of the best hard on pills all over the globe.

This medication was the first one specifically intended for repairing sexual function in men. These ED pills managed to maintain leadership among the similar medications.

Worldwide recognizable brand name, top-notch quality, high efficacy, and rebuilt self-esteem are the major benefits which Viagra gives its users. When men have to decide whether to take Viagra or any other drug, they will most probably give preference to the first one. The product reputation is turned to its greatest advantage.

The Best Synthetic Drugs for ED Treatment

High efficacy of the medication is determined by the availability of a single strong active substance called Sildenafil. Due to its ability to boost penile blood supply, it’s possible to achieve satisfying quality of erection as long as both partners need this. The drug has no influence on libido.

50 mg of medication, taken not oftener than once per day, is enough for men to get the desirable effect. It’s necessary to take the pill half an hour or an hour before the planned sexual activity. The medication remains effective for about 4-6 hours. Its intake can be accompanied with adverse effects.

The Best Natural ED Pills

Male Extra is a male potency restoring product which took one of the leading places in the list of the best natural hard on pils. This innovative supplement improves both erection quality and sex drive.

This product promotes nitric oxide synthesis required for satisfactory penile blood circulation. In its turn, the improved blood circulation is a mandatory condition for firm erections.

The supplement also gradually enhances male sexual health in a fully natural way. That’s why it provides the customers with the long-lasting therapeutic benefits. There is no risk to face side effects.

These ED pills consist of the highly potent active substances, such as Cordyceps, Zinc, MSM, Pomegranate 40% ellagic acid, and L-arginine HCL. The two latter active substances are the most crucial ones which actually widen the penile blood vessels. The rest of the ingredients have a positive influence on sex drive and overall well-being of men.

It’s possible to experience the first positive changes in male sexual potency after 2-week supplementation. To rebuild sexual function, give a boost to libido, and improve self-confidence, the supplementation should last even longer.

Viagra or Male Extra?

best hard on pillsMale Extra is a natural product which is even considered a natural Viagra. There are herbal extracts and important natural active ingredients in its formula. The combination of well-working natural substances improves many aspects of men’s health and wellness.

Viagra is a fully synthetic drug. None natural substances are available inside these pills. It consists of a single synthetic ingredient called Sildenafil.

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Why to Take

Male Extra is a quite versatile product. The best natural hard on pills rebuild sexual function, enhance libido, and boost sperm characteristics.

Viagra is fully targeted on giving men an ability to get an erection enough for sexual intercourse.

Mechanism of Action

boner pillsMale Extra acts by mildly and stably activating nitric oxide synthesis and, therefore, dilating blood vessels. Natural hard on pills cause enhancement of penile blood supply.

As a result, the quality of erections substantially improves. The herbal extracts inside the supplement are also highly beneficial for male sex drive.

Viagra acts by causing a dramatic upsurge in nitric oxide levels. The penile blood vessels widen very quickly which results in possibility to attain and sustain strong erections.

How Fast It Acts

Male Extra boner pills don’t give immediate results. It’s necessary to wait several weeks before feeling the first results. But the supplement gradually cures erectile dysfunction in a healthy way instead of providing short-term effects.

Viagra ensures almost instant effects. But they also quickly disappear. The medication doesn’t have any healing properties.


Male Extra hard on pills have no side effects. Men don’t put their health at risk during supplementation.

Viagra is associated with a wide range of adverse effects and contraindications. The most life-threatening reactions are severe hypotension, heart attack, convulsions, difficulty in breathing, and so on. The medication can’t be considered safe.

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