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The Best Hard On Pills That Work in 2018

The best natural hard on pills use a mixture of science-backed herbs and minerals to help cure erectile dysfunction by boosting the blood flow to your penis.

best hard on pills

When a man can’t be sexually active to the desired extent, mental health issues can arise or be compounded.

Indeed, it’s difficult to find a man who can stand the thought of erectile weakness.

But is there any way to change the situation for the better, to help men enjoy their sex lives again?

It’s actually worth noting that a strong erection is impossible without the well-coordinated work of the cardiovascular, endocrine, and nervous systems.

The negative effects of disruptive psychological factors should also be eliminated, says James Cherry, M.D., specialises in erectile dysfunction treatment.

These best hard on pills were invented to meet all these conditions, contributing to erection firmness, longer-lasting erections, libido enhancement, and the improvement of overall sexual function.


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VigRX Plus

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Male Extra

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#1: VigRX Plus

VigRX Plus is a male potency restoring product which took one of the leading places in the list of the best natural hard on pills.

This innovative supplement improves both erection quality and sex drive.

This product promotes nitric oxide synthesis required for satisfactory penile blood circulation. In its turn, the improved blood circulation is a mandatory condition for firm erections.

The supplement also gradually enhances male sexual health in a fully natural way, says Dr. James Cherry.

That’s why it provides the customers with the long-lasting therapeutic benefits. There is no risk to face side effects.

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#2: Male Extra

hard on pills

Male Extra is a natural product which is even considered a natural Viagra. There are herbal extracts and important natural active ingredients in its formula.

The combination of well-working natural substances improves many aspects of men’s health and wellness.

These male enhancement pills consist of the highly potent active substances, such as Cordyceps, Zinc, MSM, Pomegranate 40% ellagic acid, and L-arginine HCL.

The two latter active substances are the most crucial ones which actually widen the penile blood vessels.

The rest of the ingredients have a positive influence on sex drive and overall well-being of men.

It’s possible to experience the first positive changes in male sexual potency after 2-week supplementation.

To rebuild sexual function, give a boost to libido, and improve self-confidence, the supplementation should last even longer.

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#3: ProSolution

ProSolution Pills is a quite versatile product. The natural hard on pills rebuild sexual function, enhance libido, and boost sperm characteristics.

ProSolution acts by mildly and stably activating nitric oxide synthesis and, therefore, dilating blood vessels. Natural hard on pills cause enhancement of penile blood supply.

As a result, the quality of erections substantially improves. The herbal extracts inside the supplement are also highly beneficial for male sex drive.

ProSolution boner pills don’t give immediate results. It’s necessary to wait several weeks before feeling the first results.

But hard on pills gradually cure erectile dysfunction in a healthy way instead of providing short-term effects.

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#4: VigRX Oil

VigRX Oil belongs to the most powerful male enhancement products of non-synthetic origin which imply topical application. This way of use is very convenient.

This water-based oil is comprised of natural components which have a high potential to revive sexual performance in men.

The oil is harmless and backed with the positive study results. The product offers the following benefits:

  • Improved quality of erections
  • Short time needed for attaining an erection
  • Intense sexual arousal
  • Better sexual stamina and pleasure
  • Problem-free penetration

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Natural hard on pills have no side effects. Men don’t put their health at risk during supplementation.

Viagra is associated with a wide range of adverse effects and contraindications.

The most life-threatening reactions are severe hypotension, heart attack, convulsions, difficulty in breathing, and so on.

The medication can’t be considered safe.

Are Herbal Erectile Dysfunction Pills Effective?

There is a wide spectrum of hard on pills on the market. Some of them really bring satisfactory results without any risk to health.

If you want such pills to solve your intimate problems, make sure you purchase the pills manufactured according to the highest industry standards.

That’s why you should choose the well-established manufacturer with a flawless reputation. Also, you should pay attention on the boner pill formula. Thus, it has to include the top-quality herbal ingredients which efficacy is proven with the positive results of numerous studies.

The ingredients have to be safe to health.

VigRX Plus and Male Extra are the examples of highly potent natural male enhancers which are worth trying.

Tips to Enhance the Action of Erection Pills

Pomegranate Juice Consumption

Pomegranate juice is rich in antioxidants, nutrients, and vitamins which have a beneficial influence on both men’s sex life and overall health. By normalizing circulatory system, this juice strengthens erectile function.

Kegel Exercises

It’s possible to combine the intake of high-quality ED pills with performing Kegel exercises. These exercises maintain the functioning of bulbocavernosus muscle and hence enhance blood circulation in the manhood.


Being an ancient method used for curing different diseases, acupuncture is also effective for relieving the symptoms of ED caused by stress, depression, and other psychological issues. This fact is scientifically proven.


There is evidence that yoga helps combat the impairment of sexual function in men in a natural way. Thus, yoga greatly supports penile blood flow and strengthens pelvic area.

Natural Supplements

Natural supplements can be taken along with prescription boner pills to enhance the efficacy of the latter ones. There are many herbs which revive erectile function, improve libido, and enhance sexual performance in men.

Why Natural Remedies Are Better than Prescription ED Drugs

Nowadays the trend of replacing prescription hard on pills with natural supplements which successfully help the men deal with sexual disabilities is rapidly gaining pace.

Natural ED remedies have a number of unquestionable advantages over synthetic drugs:

Naturalness. The supplements which restore male sexual potency are comprised of fully natural ingredients such as herbal extracts, micronutrients, vitamins, and amino acids.

No Prescription. If you aspire to use natural remedies instead of erection pills, you can purchase them without any restrictions. Prescription is not required.

No Adverse Reactions. Since natural supplements are made of non-synthetic active substances with scientifically backed efficacy, they are completely safe to health and don’t cause adverse reactions.

Mild Curing Effect. Natural hard on pills mildly and gradually heal the impairment of erectile function in the long run instead of giving short-term effects which last for several hours.

No Inconvenience. Natural supplementation is not accompanied with pain and discomfort. It’s easy to undergo.

Factors Which Negatively Affect Sexual Potency in Men


Overweight and its worst form, obesity doesn’t allow men to attain and sustain a sufficient erection. Thus, waist circumference and ED likelihood are interrelated. If you slenderize your body, you will decrease the probability of ED and the necessity to take ED pills.

Excessive Alcohol Drinking

Too much alcohol drinking has a harmful influence on both nervous system and cardiovascular system. The men who often excessively consume alcohol have weak erections which are not enough for a satisfactory sex.

Unhealthy Eating

Modern men eat too much fat, salt, and sugar. Unhealthy foods contain very little or don’t contain at all vitamins, micronutrients, and minerals. Poor nutrition is bad for the cardiovascular system. Hence, erectile function also worsens.


If you want to fight the impaired erectile function, you should forget about smoking. Thus, smoking destroys blood vessels which can’t properly deliver blood to genitals. And the erectile dysfunction develops.

Sedentary Lifestyle

The lack of physical activity is one more factor contributing to sexual problems in men. Carry out active lifestyle. And there will be no need for ED pills.



VigRX Plus

9.8126 Reviews

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Science Based Erection Pills

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Male Extra

9.599 Reviews

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Natural Erectile Dysfunction Supplement

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About the Author:
Robert Williams, Director of Content at Men’s Solutions, has researched over 100 male enhancement pills and ED drugs. Previously, he managed 5 supplement brands, worked with doctors specializing in ED treatment and completed coursework in nutrition at Stanford University.

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