Hi, guys! Did you know that methyl sulfonyl methane (MSM) helps men achieve harder erections? Due to natural ingredients, as well as the maximum dosages of MSM, Male Extra is the most potent supplement for erectile dysfunction

Today I’d like to tell you more about the MSM benefits. And I’ll try to explain what it does.

First of all, what is methyl sulfonyl methane? It is an organic sulfur compound. Sulfur is the third most used chemical in the body.

Nutrition specialists all over the world are aware of the positive effects sulfur has, maintaining everything from youthful skin to joints, pain in the muscles and skeleton. In addition, MSM contributes to the growth of hair and nails.

The amount of sulfur needed by our body for normal functioning is 0, 5 to 1g a day. MSM is found in fresh food, mostly vegetables, fruits, meat, fish, and dairy products. However, processing (drying or heating) the products, we lose a large percentage of this valuable substance. This explains why most people don’t get enough MSM.

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Antioxidant Properties of Methyl Sulfonyl Methane

The first line of defense in the human body is to detoxify it from pesticides, chemicals. If the body doesn’t get rid of the toxins right away, they will do long-term damage.

In fact, as the body detoxifies itself, it loses water. Why do we become dehydrated? It’s all about the cells that have all these sodium potassium pumps, which pump fluid in with nutrition and waste material out of the cell.

As we get older, and we have a lack of sulfur, our cells shrink. They can’t eliminate all of the waste material, so the cells start to degrade. This is how our body becomes old.

But, sulfur is something what helps ionic exchange between sodium and potassium. The reason we have a lack of methyl sulfonyl methane is that our food contains less sulfur than people had 200 years ago.

Another reason is that we cook our food, and sulfur evaporates. And then, we have air pollution, as well as food pollution. Our body utilizes the sulfur to detoxify and remove those metabolic waste products from the cells.

Methyl sulfonyl methane is 34% sulfur. When you start to take a lot of sulfur (MSM), you start to rehydrate the cells. You start to allow more nutrition in the cell, and it actually removes the waste material from the cell.

This is only half the issue. The other half is flexibility. MSM makes the bond between the cells more flexible, so you have less damage to your body. It takes care of the muscle tissues as well. Everyone can benefit from that.

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MSM – Natural Option for ED Treatment and Other Benefits

  1. Lots of studies prove the fact that MSM is an efficient erectile dysfunction remedy.
  2. It increases blood circulation in the body and to the penis as well.
  3. It improves sexual vigor, and libido.
  4. It lowers cholesterol, allowing your arteries to be more flexible.
  5. Healthy arteries are able to hold more blood, so your erections are bigger and firmer.
  6. According to lots of reviews, it improves skin and complexion greatly. People, who take MSM for some time, notice that their skin becomes more flexible. As a result, they look younger.
  7. The next thing is it strengthens your hair and nails. This is the thing that a person is able to see pretty quickly.
  8. Methyl Sulfonyl Methane increases the possibility of the body to recover faster. It also helps with healing.
  9. It’s also proved that it increases natural energy. That’s another bonus!
  10. One of the biggest reasons people get sick and have pain is because of inflammation. MSM is a huge anti-inflammatory.

Indispensable for Health and Beauty

  • Taking high dosages of MSM is an effective remedy for many diseases. Moreover, it has no side effects.
  • MSM helps with pain in muscles and bones, is used to relieve physical symptoms of stress, including irritable bowel syndrome. It is used for treating inflammation of the mucous membranes, as well as chemicals poisoning. In addition, MSM normalizes many physiological processes, promoting absorption of nutrients.
  • MSM is used as one of the most effective painkillers for diseases associated with inflammation of muscles and bones, such as arthritis and osteoarthritis. The lack of sulfur may be one of the causes of arthritis.
  • Studies have shown that the percentage of sulfur in the tissues of joints of patients with arthritis is one-third lower than those, who do not suffer from this disease. Patients, suffering from arthritis, were taking MSM. They reported significant and sustained pain relief, as well as reduced swelling and inflammation of the joints.
  • The results of the study, which involved patients with arthritis, showed that 80% of them experienced significant reduction of disease symptoms (within 6 months from the start of the study).
  • MSM has a positive effect on a huge number of physiological processes. It’s not surprising that those, who prefer alternative medicine, pay so much attention to it.
  • A series of studies conducted at the Oregon Health & Science University shows that MSM has a positive effect on energy levels, allergies, various digestive problems, PMS symptoms, lung tissues, contributing to the treatment of emphysema.

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Achieve the Maximum Effect and Be Healthy!

Note: 20% of people, who take MSM, can feel the signs of detoxifying during the first 10 days of treatment. If you’re one of them, you don’t have to worry much; it’s just the way your body gets rid of toxins.

The symptoms can include: frequent bowel movements, skin rash, headache, and fatigue. All of them indicate that poisons come out of the body.

If there is a suspicion of the presence of candidiasis, or metals poisoning, it is recommended to gradually increase the dosage of MSM.

As for the dosage, the minimum one is 700-1000 mg, twice a day. Remember, you need to take MSM regularly. Otherwise, it would be ineffective. The treatment period usually takes several days to 3 weeks, before you can see the results with your own eyes.

The maximum effect can be achieved, when you combine MSM with 1000-2000 mg of vitamin C per day.