ed edrugs, best male erection drugs, impotence pills, buy erectile dysfunction treatment, ed pills 2017,Hi, guys! Are you looking for the best erectile dysfunction (ED) drugs that work for men in 2017? I really want to share my story with you.

When I hit 40, I thought that I was way too young to having troubles gaining and sustaining erections. I was wrong! For quite some time now, because of stress factors at work, along with other issues, going on with my body, I really did need ED pills…

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Like many men, I was embarrassed to talk about the problem. I know that erectile dysfunction is quite common all over the world. But, I’ve never thought that I could face it. I understood that I wasn’t a man that I used to be. And I wasn’t able to please my wife anymore. I was powerless… Impotence made me feel so bad!

So, I visited my doctor to find the solution. Then, he told me about the statistics that hit me like a ton of bricks:

  • 50% of men experience some degree of erectile dysfunction by the age of 50
  • 75% of men aren’t able to have sexual relations by the age of 60.

The seeds of the clinical picture are:

  • aging process;
  • hormones are dropping;
  • nerve cells are dying off, so you may lose sensitivity;
  • blood vessels might be getting clogged up;
  • diabetes;
  • stress factors.

My doctor recommended to buy Viagra, as it was one of the best selling ED pills on the market. I turned to using it. And at first, it seemed like it was a great idea! I mean, don’t get me wrong, my wife is as beautiful and sexy as ever. It worked for a short while. Even then, it didn’t last long.

Medically, my doctor checked a few things with me to ensure that it was possible for me to get erections. My arteries weren’t too narrow, and my blood flow to the right parts, as it should be. Viagra seemed like the right answer to my problem.

I started getting headaches, however. And I noticed that it didn’t work properly when I used it. Even on our anniversary, I took my wife out to get away and all I had was a glass of wine, and even with blue pill I just couldn’t get in the mood.

Luckily, my wife has been with me for quite a long time. She made me believe that we could go through all of that. And I’m not gonna lose her over false claims of Viagra.

We’re never ever supposed to give up. That is the right thing to keep in mind! There are so many other ED medication on the online market today. Of course, Viagra is one of the most popular ones. But, is it really safe and effective? I have great doubts about that!

After that, I started my own research as for the best erectile dysfunction drugs that really work. And I’ve found so much information on the Internet that I decided to share it with you, guys. I hope that it could help you some way.

I’ve read lots of reviews, and studies. It’s obvious that our lifestyle has certainly changed over the years. There are lots of indicators that young men, these days, feel new pressures that can lead to new problems. The pressure is causing more men to turn to drugs like Viagra. The number of those, who say that they’ve experienced performance anxiety, is constantly increasing.


Did you know that? It’s been proven scientifically. And I’m sure about it now. In case you still hope that Viagra will help you, don’t be so naive! Do not permit yourself be cheated!

I’ve reached the conclusion basing on the proven data. Here are the facts that have shocked me the most about it.

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1. Viagra Can Be Really Dangerous!

I’ve read about Dr. Sanjay Kaul of Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Los Angeles. He did a study of adverse events after using Viagra and found 1473 events. Most of them related to cardio-vascular issues.

Some individuals had heart attacks, and arrhythmias. Few men had strokes, sudden drop in blood pressure, and fainting. There were several cases of SUDDEN DEATH!

The majority of deaths mostly occurred in men, who had no signs of heart diseases. Besides, they were even younger than 65 years old.

A full-scale Health Professionals Follow-Up Study discovered interrelationship between the Viagra intake and melanoma development. Melanoma is known as the most terrifying type of skin cancer which extremely frequently leads to death. The research involved almost 26,000 participants. Thus, the risk of further melanoma development has doubled in men who had taken erectile dysfunction medication in the past. Furthermore, men who have been continuing taking this medicine during the study period were 84% more susceptible to develop melanoma than those who not.1

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2. It Can Lead To Some Cardiovascular Complications

So, Viagra is the ED meds that can wake you up, and get you going… But what if your heart is weak? What if it can’t handle the stress of sex?

Make sure your heart is healthy enough to take it. Otherwise, problems are going to happen… If you’re not ready for that kind of activity, it’s like when you’re going to run ten miles when you used to being a couch potato.

Dr. Xiaoping Du, an associate professor of pharmacology at the University of Illinois at Chicago’s College, carried out a research that discovered a link between Viagra intake and development of heart diseases. That is, it was found out that this erectile dysfunction medication promotes Thrombocyte aggregation. In turn, this disorder can lead to heart attacks and strokes. The findings were truly unexpected because the drug was initially invented for heart attack prevention. That’s why men with impaired erectile function have to exercise caution choosing the treatment method.2

These drugs come with some sort of risks. As a result, some of the medical doctors are reluctant to recommend Viagra for men, who have erectile dysfunction, and certainly wouldn’t take these drugs themselves.

3. Common Side Effects

The results of more than 150 studies conducted by scientists from all over the world show that anxiety related to Viagra safety is far from being groundless. According to the European Urology’s report, this medication has a long list of the following side effects: nasal congestion, headache, dizziness, hyperemia, muscular pain, dyspepsia, back pain, heart attack, and even cardiac arrest. Patients with erectile dysfunction are bent upon the availability of a wide spectrum of adverse effects.3 Therefore, it’s natural that men should refuse to run the risk of using Viagra.

Moreover, other possible side effects might occur. There were the cases when men suffered from temporary sudden loss of vision and hearing. Sounds quite terrible, doesn’t it?

Unfortunately, many men use it thoughtlessly, and it ends up with bad consequences. Viagra is a potent drug. So, it’s necessary to consider all pros and cons, taking into account all contraindications and side effects, before you take the blue pill.

It’s worth noting that Viagra also leads to addiction and can affect male’s health negatively. Sometimes it causes infertility, necrosis of the penis tissues.

Misuse of this product can kill you!

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4. Avoid Viagra Pills If You’re:

  • taking nitrate medicines;
  • diabetic;
  • overweight;

There are numerous clinical studies and reviews to prove these contra indications. In addition, people, who suffer from liver or kidney issues, are not supposed to take erectile dysfunction drugs. And of course, if you have problems with blood pressure forget about Viagra!4

When a person smokes cigarettes, the walls of blood vessels are not elastic enough to withstand the high pressure of the pumping action of the heart.

And if you decide to take blue pill, you should refrain from drinking alcohol, because it can not only affect the ‘activation’ speed of the drug, but aggravate its side effects.

I’ve learnt that Viagra is strictly prohibited with the following drugs, or groups of drugs as: nitrates (drugs used for the treatment of heart problems, angina, and chest pain), antibiotics, antidepressants, antifungal agents, medications, regulating the blood pressure, etc.

This is a short list of drugs that are incompatible with ED pills. That’s why, consulting a doctor, men are obliged to enumerate all medicines they take, even if they are not included in the above groups.

5. Viagra Is Not So Effective!

Viagra doesn’t work for more than 31% of the men. Lots of men didn’t get the results they wanted.5

Sometimes, you just don’t understand how does the ED medication actually work? Well, it widens your blood vessels. The blood circulation to the genitalia will be increased, ensuring an erection. But, still in some cases, it fails to give an effect!

What are the reasons why it may not be giving you the response you’re seeking? 

  • First of all, you need to deal with the sexual performance anxiety. Taking ED supplements is not enough for the normal arousal response.
  • Think about physical and psychological stimulation. The failure may occur if there’s no stimulating actions or romance within 30 minutes of consuming the pill. It might not work at all.
  • And in case, some of the side effects occur, you’re unlikely to find enjoyment from sex.
  • If you eat too much food, it will slow down the absorption rate of the drug. There is no need for you to take it.
  • Alcohol affects the level of testosterone greatly. And it may cause failure of the impotence drug effectiveness.
  • A study claims that your body may develop resistance or tolerance to Viagra. In other words, it will be ineffective for your system, after repeated use.

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6. The Most Counterfeited ED Drug

Viagra is the most counterfeited ED drug in the world. It has a global reputation. That makes it attractive to counterfeiters. In fact, they could have the same effect. But the problem is that they are not formulated properly.

The organizations manufacture fake Viagra at the backyard garages, on sanitary factories, putting in any material that will bind well for the pill.

And then the packaging… That is really the most sophisticated of all. But, nowadays, it’s possible to produce it with modern computers. Actually, it is the packaging that sells the product. So, the counterfeited over the counter (OTC) ED pills will look like a very good-quality product.

Our problem in the USA is actually the purchases through the Internet. The majority of online pharmacies, unfortunately, are not certified. And they are selling counterfeits. Yet, they give a very good display. They have really nice web pages.

99% of counterfeits of ED drugs are manufactured in China and India. The active ingredients are made in laboratories in India.

One organization with Canadian webpage was taken down. Medicine was manufactured in China. It was shipped to Dubai through Hong-Kong. Then it went to the UK. They sent it down to the Bahamas towards the fulfillment centers. It shows the global sophistication and ability to hide the trails of these organizations.

7. There Are Other Available Generics Ed Pills

The biggest issue with Viagra is that it contains Sildenafil, which will increase your blood flow. This substance is a vasodilator. This means that it expands and relaxes the blood vessels, so that more blood flows to the penis. And that’s how you get an erection, actually. But on the other hand, you’ll have a very low blood pressure.

There also other available Generics, such as Eregra, Malegra, BlueForce, and others. And they are quite cheap, so that they will save you a fortune. Besides, they are really easy to get. The thing about this list of generics medication is that they are the exact same ED over the counter (OTC) drug as Viagra.

As I understand, the same drug substances will give you the same effect, having the same contraindications, and possible side effects as well.

Why taking so much risk with Viagra? If you don’t want to have problems with your health, don’t do it. There are other alternative methods of erectile dysfunction treatment in 2017.

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Let Me Tell You About The Thing That Has Really Changed My Life!

After deep research, I stumbled upon a natural ED supplement – Male Extra. I’ve read lots of reviews from real consumers before I first tried it. And I bet that Male Extra is the best solution!

It works fantastically for me! The erection is firmer, as there is more blood there. Moreover, it lasts longer. All I’ve noticed is great changes. I take 3 capsules a day. And now this is a product that I personally love.

  • Completely safe natural erectile dysfunction (ED) cure.
  • Very effective for sexual desire and performance.
  • Stimulates blood flow.
  • Increases sensitivity for easier arousal.
  • Your penis will go harder and bigger.
  • Improves the quality of erections.

It is the product that is able to wake me up sexually. It’s like a stimulator, like coffee for the genitals. In general, it may be opposed to what coffee does to the adrenal glands, and to the whole nervous system, as well. So, Male Extra is just like a specific type of coffee for the specific part of the body.

Check it out by yourself! I hope you’ll enjoy awesome sex as my partner and I do.

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Natural ED pills with the best ingredients

Male Extra contains natural ingredients the studies of which have long proved their efficacy. So, what did the scientists find out about these ingredients?


Thus, one study of L-arginine has showed that 37% of participants suffering from impotence were lucky to regain their sexual function after daily taking this amino acid. The research period lasted for a month. Moreover, 31% of participants of another study reported about getting and keeping hard-rock erections. That’s because the patients’ nitric oxide levels raised up to 2 times for 6 weeks. That’s why the manufacturer chose L-arginine as a main active substance in Male Extra.6

Pomegranate 40% ellagic acid

In addition, the supplement manufacturer was first to make pomegranate 40% ellagic acid a part of the male enhancement product formula. Pomegranate has unique antioxidant properties due to the availability of the huge dose of ellagic acid. The research showed that those who have consumed pomegranate juice regularly for 90 days experienced substantial blood flow acceleration (up to 17%).7


Another important ingredient in Male Extra is zinc. In 2013, the study demonstrated that zinc is responsible for sense of smell, enhancing libido. Besides, zinc stimulates arousal and boosts testosterone levels.8


Finally, Cordyceps is one more powerful ingredient that increases sexual desire. The Cordyceps study demonstrated that this substance boosts sex drive. The scientists found out that Cordyceps improves erections by 64% comparing to 23.8% increase in the placebo group.9

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